Kaffeemaschine Alters Every Screw on the Maschine 19 Bike

The vast majority of custom bike builds are commissioned by customers looking to fulfil their own lifelong dreams. From there, most of the rest of the builds are the builders putting together their own visions of what a bike could be. Kaffeemaschine didn’t do either of those.

Instead, this builder based in Hamburg, Germany, built a bike for his daughter—a daughter who isn’t quite three yet.

kaffeemaschine front with lights on

“I liked the idea of building a relaxed, all-day ride for myself,” says Alex Budde when talking about the Kaffeemaschine 19. Budde started with a frame from a V7 850T, which he modified, and the double duplex brake the same bike. From there, he essentially rebuilt the entire thing. He used a Le Mans 2 fork with new dampers and tubes. The drum brakes were modified to fit into the more narrow frame.

Budde also shaved down the handlebar brackets and created brackets for a custom headlight. In order to have an invisible cable mechanism, Budde had to not only modify the frame but also create one-off foot controls. Budde also stayed away from switches, using buttons instead, which are controlled by a Motogadget m-unit.

kaffeemaschine back view

For the electric, Budde went to town, with only the instrument not being a custom piece. For the rear light, he used an old bicycle headlight and inserted LEDs. Both the seat and tank are custom one-offs. The engine is a Guzzi 1000SP with matching transmission.

Budde rebuilt both, widening the intakes to fit a 36mm Dellortos. A Le Mans 3 provided the swingarm and the rear-drive is a rebuilt 850T. The valve and generator covers are new cast by Budde. San Remo rims provide the base for a set of Heidenau tyres.

kaffeemaschine tank view of the bike

“I told my 2.5-year-old daughter that this is the bike I would give her to ride one day,” recalls Budde, “she insisted it had to be blue. After a long process, I finally came across this vintage Volvo blue.” The rest of the bike is finished in black with a leather seat. This bike is definitely a work of love. “I even modified the look of every screw,” confesses Budde.

“I really can say that the only part that I used as it can be bought is the rubber carburettor flanges.”

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kaffeemaschine custom build bike