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How to Make a Whiskey Highball Recipe | Man of Many

Sure, you could argue a Highball is just another name for a whisky soda but you’d be wrong. Yes, the ingredients are the same, the method effortlessly simplistic and the glassware uniform, but the phrase ‘Highball’ denotes a level of class that must be acknowledged. It takes more than mashing a few liquids in a glass and spritzing it with citrus to craft the perfect Highball recipe, and history agrees.

What is a Highball?

The true advantage of a Whisky Highball drink is its versatility. The cocktail can be adapted to suit any palette and flavour profile, opening the door for creativity in the kitchen, something ex-Merivale legend turned private chef Big Sam Young knows well.

How to Make a Highball Drink

There are some fantastic highball recipes that deliver loads of flavour but can be made with minimum fuss at home using ingredients readily available at your local shop. Nagar explains her go-to whisky for highballs is Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Johnnie & Blood Orange Whisky Highball Ingredients

  • Combine 30ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label, 15mL of freshly squeezed orange juice and 120 ml of Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange into a tall glass.
  • Fill the glass with as much ice as you can possibly fit – right to the top!
  • Garnish with a blood orange wheel if in season, otherwise an orange wheel will do nicely.
  • Serve and enjoy responsibly.
  • Highball Recipe

    As simple as the Whisky Highball may be, there’s always a way to make things easier, and thankfully, an old friend has come to the party. Johnnie Walker has just unveiled a new bottled Whisky Highball range, pre-mixed and distilled for your enjoyment. If tinkering with flavours isn’t your bag and you’d rather let the pros do it, the Johnnie RTDs come available in two unique flavours: Zesty Lemon and Blood Orange. Like their predecessors out of Japan, each beverage functions as a perfect aperitivo.

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