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Beosound theatre

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Theatre Soundbar is an Investment for Decades to Come

When it comes to sound, Danish brand Bang & Olufsen doesn’t mess around. This is a firm that’s created some of the most innovative (and also niche) audio products of the last several decades. So our ears pricked up with the launch of the new Beosound Theatre soundbar, because it’s sure to offer a pretty incredible sonic experience. It also looks kind of odd.

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Beosound theatre 1

Image: Bang & Olufsen

That’s not to say the soundbar’s ugly. It comes in a handsome fabric option or with a premium oak grill that’s an undeniably eye-catching departure from the kind of generic black box design language we’re used to seeing in soundbars. It’s also designed to deliver a “powerful and immersive cinematic experience”, but then so is just about every soundbar on the market if you listen to their makers. What sets Bang & Olufsen’s entry apart from the rest is its modular design – intended to empower the user to update rather than replace the soundbar over time – and its 12 speaker drivers, including two custom-made 6.5-inch woofers, and 800 watts of amplification power, delivering up to 112dB of sound pressure. That’s more than enough to fill your viewing space with rich waves of audio.

B&O also claims to have introduced new three-dimensional sound functionality via a patent-pending combination of speakers that fire upwards, to the sides, and directly at the listener. This results in the speaker drivers working in cooperation to not only produce sound, but to control that sound’s beam width and direction.

Beosound theatre 5

Image: Bang & Olufsen

Finally, the Beosound Theatre’s aforementioned modularity means its look is intended to be adjusted as you upsize or downsize your TV over time, thanks to included side wings designed to fit 55-inch, 65-inch or 77-inch panels. The modular design also offers more flexibility in terms of how you can install your Beosound Theatre, with options to use a table stand, motorised floor stand or motorised wall bracket.

According to Kristian Teär, CEO of Bang & Olufsen, the soundbar is designed to be an investment that purchasers will enjoy for far longer than roughly eight-year turnover for most home cinema setups: “With Beosound Theatre we unleash the full potential of the high-quality streaming services now available to customers and bring the magic of the cinematic experience into the home. At the same time, it is built to last for decades due to its modular design, which allows you to update, rather than replace, this beautiful soundbar”.

Local pricing for the Beosound Theatre is yet to be announced, but with a U.K. price point of £5,590, we’d hazard a guess it will well and truly clear AUD$9,500 when it arrives online and in Aussie stores from October 3rd. Find out more about the Beosound Theatre and the rest of Bang & Olufsen’s premium audio-visual range via the link below.

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Image: Bang & Olufsen

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Image: Bang & Olufsen