Leica Takes on LEGO with its Toy Rangefinder

Sometimes companies take a foray into other markets in an effort to expand their product line. An example of that is Leica. Known for its high quality cameras, Leica has shouldered its way into the plastic building blocks arena with a Toy Rangefinder.

leica toy rangefinder front side

Officially called the Toy Rangefinder Model Camera, the set was designed by Chris McVeigh. Based out of Halifax, NS, McVeigh has been designing custom LEGO models since 2009. His model of the iconic Leica M-series camera consists of 120 individual pieces. Once you have the set put together, you’ll have a three inch by two inch, two ounce replica of the Rangefinder. It even has a see-through viewfinder. You may not be taking any photos with this camera, but it will still make a fine addition to your collection of photography gear.

The set was being sold in Leica’s Miami store with two options—a black and gray combo or a brown and gray—for $45. Leica may not be poised to take on the plastic-brick goliath, but if how quickly the set sold out is any indication of the popularity of the toy, LEGO may want to take notice.

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