Sony Master Series Sits in the Director’s Chair

The goal of the Sony Master Series was to create a TV that reproduced what the creators of entertainment saw when they first filmed it. The idea was what Sony calls “Kando”—Japanese for something that evokes an emotional response; something that satisfies and more. Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo calls the approach a “lens to living room” design that will appeal to both consumers and professionals alike.

sony master series tv side view

The series consists of the Z9F LCD and the A9F OLED. Both have full color management systems that use CalMAN software from Portrait Displays. Not only is there a new “Custom” mode as well as a Netflix Calibrated Mode, which is said to optimize movies and shows streamed from the service so that the image is more accurate to what content creators envisioned. Unfortunately, that Netflix mode is reportedly only available using the Netflix App in Master Series TV. Both TVs also feature the new X1 Ultimate processor that further helps improve image quality with “object-based HDR remaster” and enhancing sharpness with “object-based super resolution.”

sony master series a9f back view

Sony is pretty closed mouth on the release dates and pricing, promising a release time of sometime in the Fall of 2018. Looking at prices of the Sony A1E OLED ($2,500 for a 55-inch screen and $3,500 for a 65 inch), you’re probably looking at a similar range.

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