The Concrete Lego Man is a Stylish Addition to Your Desk

Elemental Design has released a new accessory for your workspace—a Concrete Lego Man. The Concrete Man, as you might have guessed, is made from concrete. The design is that of the super popular Lego people minifigures, (you’ll easily recognize the tubular head, rectangular body, hinged waist, and “C” hands). Elemental design took this basic form and cast it in concrete for a unique look. Available in two sizes, 90mm in the large and 45mm in the small, the figures are a great finishing touch to your desk. And being made of concrete, they’ll definitely hold down any papers you may have.

concrete lego man attached to wall

Because the Concrete Lego Man is made of natural products, sometimes imperfections from blemishes or air bubbles can sneak in. But that’s what makes the pieces unique. Each one is handcrafted and made to order as well, so no two will ever be alike.

Check it out

mini figure lego man

mini figure lego man

lego man in a box

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