LEGO Displays Bones with Dinosaurs Fossil Set

LEGO has created plenty of other dinosaur kits, but the new Dinosaur Fossils set is different than those sets. This new set lets you build models of fossils, giving you the vibe of walking into a museum rather than onto the set of the next Jurassic Park movie.

Dinosaur Fossils Lego Set front box

The Dinosaur Fossils set features 910 pieces that are used to put together 1:32 scale models of three skeletons. The first is of a Pteranodon, the flying pterosaur. The second fossil creates a triceratops while the final model is of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which is the biggest of the three standing at 7 inches tall and 15 inches long. You can pose each model to be displayed on their included stand. The stand provides details of each species. Included in the set is a paleontologist minifigure as well as a sapiens skeleton figure complete with its own stand. Accessories also include a magnifying glass, egg, bone,a nd a buildable crate.

dinosaur lego kit

Jonathon Brunn, a graphic and web designer from France, inspired the new set with his submission to LEGO Ideas, the online platform where fans can submit designs and then vote on them as possible new sets for LEGO to create. “When I was little, my passion for dinosaurs was almost obsessional,” admits Brunn. “Dinosaurs were the most incredible thing ever for me, so I made this project to please my inner child! I would have loved it as a kid, and I think every kid who loves dinosaurs and science would agree with me.” Submissions need to have at least 10,000 supporters on the site, so it would appear that Brunn is right. Of the project turning into an actual set, Brunn stated that it is “a childhood dream coming true by the magic of computers and Internet.” You can pick up the LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils set for $59.99 starting November 1.

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Dinosaur Fossils Lego Set

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dinosaur lego set

Dinosaur Fossils Lego Set back view