LEGO Finally Rides Out on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

LEGO’s Creator Expert models offer a range of models of your favourite vehicles, but until now there has been a decided lack of two-wheeled beauties. The plastic brick building company is rectifying that situation with a model of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, which will be available August 1, 2019.

lego harley-davidson model

Featuring 1,023 pieces, the model was made in collaboration with Harley-Davidson to ensure that every detail of the Milwaukee company’s iconic Fat Boy is perfectly represented in LEGOs. The model measures over 12 inches in length—from the front wheel to the tips of the dual exhaust. Standing 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide, the model lives up to the name Fat Boy as well.

You’ll find everything on this bike, including solid-disc wheels, the teardrop fuel tank, and an integrated speedometer. As an expert model, there are also plenty of moveable parts to challenge your build skills. The handlebar turns, the gear shift and brake levers move, and the kickstand can be flipped down when it’s time to park the bike for display. When you spin the rear wheel, the Milwaukee-Eight engine comes to life, making the pistons move.


The build is finished in a deep red with black scheme and features the Harley-Davidson logos on each side.

lego's creator expert models back view

Mike Psiaki, Design Master at the LEGO Group, described the build, stating, “bringing this Harley-Davidson to life in brick form is incredibly exciting. The model truly captures the iconic design, advanced engineering, and attention to detail of this iconic motorcycle, offering an immersive building experience and a unique collector’s item for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and LEGO fans of all ages.”

For their part, Harley-Davidson is just as excited. Heather Malenshek, Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson, said, “It’s been exceptionally exciting for Harley-Davidson to collaborate with the LEGO Group—another brand that champions creativity and expression. Not only do we want customers to be inspired by the end result, we want them to enjoy the building process.”

harley davidson fat boy in lego

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy LEGO Creator Expert Model is available on LEGO’s online store for USD$99.99.

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