Stranger Things Lego Set Takes a Team Effort

Much like the Netflix series Stranger Things tells the story of a group of friends, you’ll need a friend if you’re putting together the Stranger Things LEGO set. The set comes with 2,287 pieces and two sets of instructions. That’s right, separate instructions, one for each dimension.

The first set depicts the Byers’ home, where Will Byers was dragged into the dark dimension called The Upside Down. The second set creates a mirror image of the Byers’ home, only it’s now the nightmarish dimension, complete with its own demigorgon and a terrified Will.

After assembling both sets, you’ll attach the two with the Upside Down set connecting to the bottom of the Byers’ home—literally upside down. Depending on your fancy, you can flip the whole thing upside down or right side up, using the four trees that attach to the side as legs.

The set is incredibly detailed with features you’ll recognise from the show. You’ll find the alphabet wall with fairy lights that actually work (they’re LEGO light bricks). Look even more closely and you’ll find a boombox, posters on the walls, and even the missing person’s flyer for Will. The set also comes with several mini-figures, including Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, and Sherriff Hopper.

Eleven sports a blond wig, and of course there’s the demigorgon lurking below.

The Stranger Things set is available now and sells for USD$200.

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