LEGO Goes Back to its Roots with Wooden Figure

LEGO is readily recognizable for its plastic bricks, but back in 1978, the company’s original minifigure design was wooden. Even before that, LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen originally made the toys out of wood before going plastic. New for this year, LEGO is launching a commemorative, limited edition revamp of that original toy.

Lego Wooden Figurine

The LEGO Wooden Figure stands 7 inches tall, and is a 5:1 scale version of the original design. Don’t be mistaken, however, this figure isn’t meant to be used as a toy but rather as a decorative piece that celebrates LEGO’s history. The piece is made from FSC-certified oak, with the only plastic parts being the figure’s hands. This isn’t the first time that LEGO has combined wood and plastic, but you have to go all the way back to 1959 for the release of the 1130 Bedford fire truck to find that combination in another LEGO model. The model is branded with a LEGO logo that has been laser cut into the stud on the figure’s head.

Lego Wooden Figurine front

As it is a decorative piece, the figure comes in a gift box that has a LEGO-printed backdrop to spruce up the display. A booklet chronicling the figure’s history as well as how the toy was made is also included. You’ll also find a polybag with 29 LEGOs in the box. LEGO is also encouraging owners to personalize the toy. “Owners can unleash their creativity to dress up, paint, or do whatever they want to customize the minifigure in unique ways, and then show off their creations via social media using #LEGOOriginals.”

Lego Wooden Figurine back

The figure was made in collaboration with Room Copenhagen, who has worked with the brick makers before on the LEGO rack system, wall hangers, and a minifigure lunch set. “It has been a privilege for us to expand our collaboration with The LEGO Group and contribute to the world premiere of a new series of design classics,” states Room Copenhagen CEO, Jacob Eberhard. “Going back to the roots of the company and helping to bring back some of the original LEGO toys in new creative ways is an exciting journey to be a part of.”

Lego Wooden Figurine top view

The LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure can be purchased at a pop-up shop in Covent Garden, London, as well as on the LEGO website. It’s priced at $120.

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Lego Wooden Figurine original design