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Mad dog adrian

5 Best Mad Dog Adrian of Perth Videos

Mad Dog Adrian aka Maddog. For any of our Perth readers, this post probably needs no context, as you’re either already well-versed in the hilarious antics of well-loved local ‘Mad Dog’ Adrian or you’ve been living under a rock for the last thirty years. For our readers from the North, South, East of Australia and abroad, this is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Who is Mad Dog Adrian?

Mad Dog Adrian has apparently been terrorising locals and tourists alike, around the Midland area of Perth, since the early ’80s, and is famous for his brazen approach, especially toward drivers who pass him by on his ancient and inexplicably speedy road bike, which he rides with bare feet.

Thanks to the ever-fortuitous advent of the internet and, specifically, YouTube, locals have been capturing their encounters with Mad Dog Adrian for the last few years and putting them online to share his special messages with the world.

Here are our favourite videos of the infamous MadDog Adrain of Perth, Australia for your viewing pleasure. Mad dog ya mad dog! You’re welcome.

1. The Pull-Over & Wait

2. The New-Year’s Day

3. The Realise-Too-Late

4. The Hot Pursuit

5. The Slo-Mo Disengage

6. The Chuck Norris

General FAQ

Who is Mad Dog Adrian?

Mad Dog Adrian is a cyclist in Western Australia, who is known for riding his bike around town and abusing locals who drive past him.

Where is Mad Dog Adrian from?

Mad Dog Adrian is from the Midland area of Perth, Western Australia.

What is Mad Dog Adrian famous for?

Mad Dog Adrian has become famous for his abuse towards drivers who pass him by while he rides his bike. These videos of these tirades have gone viral online.