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Netflix is Opening a Chill Version of Disneyland

While most businesses are going digital, Netflix recently announced plans to open brick-and-mortar stores. However, before Gen X and millennial enthusiasts get their hopes up for a return to the glorious Blockbuster era, we must clarify that DVDs won’t be making a resurgence. Instead, the streaming giant is launching several merch shops on steroids, allowing fans to fully experience the worlds of their favourite TV shows and movies.

Titled Netflix House, the venues will offer a number of retail, dining and live experiences. Fans will be able to purchase exclusive clothing, eat themed food and participate in immersive experiences from iconic originals like Squid Game – hopefully, without the life-threatening consequences. According to Bloomberg, the company intends to establish its first two venues in the U.S. by 2025 before expanding globally.

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Netflix Bites
Netflix tested a temporary concept called ‘Netflix Bites’ earlier this year | Image: Aaronp/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image

It’s no secret that Netflix has been making moves to bring its content to the real world. Last week, we saw it unveil its new line of slot machines and another immersive experience in Los Angeles called Squid Game: The Trials, where players can put their skills to the test across six different challenges from the beloved TV series. While the company has always opened pop-ups in cities worldwide, it seems it now wants to explore permanent locations.

Like the Disney model, media groups have historically harnessed theme-park attractions, toys, and merchandise as potent promotional tools and revenue streams. Nevertheless, Netflix has resisted this approach and faced criticism for not delving deeper into these avenues. According to Josh Simon, the Vice President of Consumer Products, Netflix House is intended to primarily serve as a promotional tool rather than a substantial revenue generator for the company, as he shared with Bloomberg

At this stage, Simon has been scarce on the specific details regarding what fans can expect. Yet, what we do know for sure is that fans will finally be able to chill inside a Netflix.

Squid game
Squid Game | Image: Netflix

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