The Wooden LEGO Minifig Was Crafted by Hand

Are you looking for a gift for the Lego fanatic in your life? Or, do you simply love Lego Minifigs and want a large wooden minifig to show off? If so, then check out Wooden Lego Minifig by Etsy seller MoreCowsThanPeople.

Based in the United States, MoreCowsThanPeople handcrafts a number of unique objects that they sell on Etsy including personalised paperweights, sterling and Swarovski dangle earrings and pendants and a Stormtrooper belt buckle.

sitting wooden lego minifig

Their LEGO Minifig is an excellent way to pay tribute to your childhood. Most LEGO minifigs are tiny, making it easy to overlook them. Many gather dust on shelves, which is quite a shame as they are kind of cool.

This large wooden LEGO man is a whopping 12-inch tall, which makes him perfect to display. It was meticulously handcrafted from natural cherry or maple. The hand-rubbed carnauba, citrus and beeswax finish helps bring out the natural beauty of the woodgrain. It also makes the Minifig feel smooth to the touch.

standing wooden lego minifig

The Wooden Lego Minifig by MoreCowsThanPeople was made to scale at 1: 6.25. The attention to detail is incredible on the Large Wooden Lego Minifig. The arms, legs and head are moveable so that you can pose it in a variety of ways. You can display the Wooden Lego Minifig as is or repaint it to match your other Lego characters.

This Wooden Lego Minifig is a great nostalgic reminder of your childhood. Any kid at heart will find that it is the perfect item to display at home.

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