Leonardo DiCaprio GOT beard

Science Says Men with Facial Hair More Attractive to Women

Whenever research is undertaken to discover what women find attractive, men everywhere close their eyes and cross their fingers, desperately hoping that this one will come out affirming that their own particular attributes will turn out to drive the ladies wild.

Well, if you have a beard or moustache, your ship just came in. It’s official: facial hair is attractive to women. Science has proven it, and you can tell anyone who tells you that you’re not attractive that your face foliage puts the lie to their claim.

The paper, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, reveals the results of a survey of 8500 women – not a big number compared with how many women are in the whole world, but still, a lot of women. They were asked to choose between photos of men with varying amounts of facial hair.

The results were clear: heavy stubble came first, followed by full beards, followed by light stubble, followed by clean shaven. Yep, the smooth look ran dead last, picking up the attractiveness wooden spoon while the rugged and razorless took out the premiership.

This result didn’t come out of the blue: this study actually confirms what earlier studies have shown: when it comes to men, women like you to wear your masculinity proudly upfront on your face. If you want to be a successful suitor, you better get hirsute-er, is the message.

Throw your razors out now, guys.