Muji Timber Hut – a Tiny Hut Full of Style

Minimalist Japanese retailer Muji just unveiled tiny homes that are designed to suit a variety of locations. Lying somewhere in between a permanent residence and a vacation home, the Muji Timber Hut is perfect as a mountainside retreat or oceanfront home, and an interesting exercise in minimalism.

muji hut fireplace carpet and door open view

These one-room huts are made entirely of Japanese charred timber, with a technique known as shou sugi ban. This method is typically used in shipbuilding and is designed to prolong the life of the timber by charring it. This ancient, unique process also makes the siding extremely resistant to insects, decay and fire.

muji timber hut bedroom float on water view

Due to its construction on a concrete foundation, the house is durable and resistant to moisture. Japanese cypress plywood lines the interior walls, while the floor is made of mortar, which makes a great finish as it’s smooth and easy to clean. Owners can lay rugs, flooring or they can leave it bare.

muji timber hut side view beside on sea

The inside of the hut measures nine square metres and the connecting porch is just over three square metres. The hut has just enough room for four people to sit comfortably, and was designed to sleep two people. A large sliding door leads to the porch, while a window located on the back wall of the hut that provides fresh ventilation and light.

Muji plans to release the Timber Huts in Japan at the end of 2017, but we expect these tiny huts to pop up everywhere.

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