500,000 LEGO Bricks Make This Life-Size McLaren Senna

It took nearly 5,000 hours for a team of LEGO builders to put together the half million bricks it took to create the 1:1 scale LEGO model of the McLaren Ultimate Series road car. The astonishing project weighs in at an incredible 1,700kg (its heavier than the actual car!). LEGO pulled out all stops to make this car as realistic as possible.

You can actually sit in it, and when you press the start button, you’ll hear a simulation of an actual McLaren starting up.

mclaren lego front

This isn’t the first time that LEGO has put together a 1:1 scale model with McLaren. Two years ago, they created a model of the 720S. This is, however, the first time that they have incorporated interior parts into the build.

dashboard and steering wheel lego mclaren

And it was a massive undertaking. It took teams of 10 model-makers working around the clock to put together the 467,854 blocks. The build time took 2,275 hours—nearly 9 actual McLaren Sennas can be built in that amount of time. In total, with design and development, the project took 4,395 hours with 42 team members working on it.

back mclaren lego

If a life-size model is out of your league, you can still pick up the much smaller 219-piece McLaren Senna LEGO Speed Champions edition. You can also visit the life-size model at a variety of events throughout 2019.

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LEGO McLaren Senna side view