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8 Best Australian Whisky Blogs | Man of Many
While the industry itself is fledging in Australia, the country’s appreciation for whisky is long heralded, and it appears to be growing. Sam Slaney, whisky expert and production director at Starward whisky believes that interest in spirit is being spurred by greater access to high-quality goods.
Why Talk Whisky?
With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people can’t stop talking about whisky, and that the best Australian whisky blogs are goldmines of valuable insight and information. We’ve compiled them all here in our list of the 8 best Australian whisky blogs, so read on and be guided to some choice whisky that goes down smooth but sets your soul on fire.
Best Whisky Blogs in Australia
Covering primarily the whisky scene in Hong Kong and Australia, Time For Whisky keeps readers up to speed on limited-edition releases, press statements, future and past events, and pretty much everything else you can think of. The Time for Whisky team gets around to a lot of distilleries and tastings and usually puts their own formidable spin on the experience. This is a great place to read about whisky you may never get to try, or figure out which expressions you simply have to try no matter what it takes, and for more of the latest updates, photos and giveaways make sure to follow them on Instagram.
1. Time For Whisky
Since 2012, Man of Many has crafted compelling daily content not only to enrich the lives of our readers but empower them to make a positive investment in themselves and the whiskey community. As a publication we are entirely self-funded and independent, ensuring editorial impartiality and transparency is maintained throughout our everyday operations. We have a long history in the Whisky game and have worked with some of the biggest names in the whisky world, tasting every last drop along the way. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information about whisky, you’ve found it.
2. Man of Many – Whisky
An interesting collection of stories, reviews and advice from a seasoned professional in the liquor industry, offering different viewpoints and in-depth analysis of some of the rarest malts available.
3. Whisky and Wisdom
Malt Mileage founder Angelo Capuano discovered premium Scotch whisky in 2009 and it definitely made an impression. So profound was his experience with whisky, in fact, that here we are 8 years later and he’s still writing about it. The Melbourne based blogger is always ready for the next delicious dram and just as ready to rate it accordingly. This is one of the best Australian whisky blogs for those seeking a vicarious foray into the spirit world.
4. Malt Mileage
Tasmania’s #1 Whisky Blog (and one of Australia’s best whisky blogs) comes to us courtesy of the ongoing bromance between two whisky aficionados. Nick Turner and Alex “Ted” Matthews hold down regular jobs, but their true calling remains a love affair with the brown stuff. Their blog is at once a glimpse into their cheeky personalities and a living highlight reel of their whisky-based adventures. The pair also host tastings because, well, tastings rule.
5. Whisky Waffle
When it comes to not just the brown stuff but pretty much any liquid that can get you stumbling, the award-winning site Master of Malt is the resource to end all resources. It’s informative, comprehensive and seemingly endless in terms of content. And while the site isn’t based in Australia, they cover plenty of Australian whiskies and also have a blog and that’s good enough for us.
6. Master of Malt
It seems that regions all over the world are finding unique ways to express themselves through whisky and Tasmania is no exception. In fact, the island is celebrating a spectacular craft whisky movement this very minute. For those curious, head over to The Tasmanian Whisky Trail to find out what it’s all about. Meet the people behind the brands. Explore the land. And most importantly: try the whisky!
7. The Tasmanian Whisky Trail
The Whisky Ledger is one of the best Australian whisky blogs because it retains the essence of true blogging as it was first intended. That means doing away with flashy layouts or an emphasis on ranking to deliver a straightforward series of journal entries about a man and his beloved pastime. Accordingly, The Whisky Ledger is as approachable as a blog can get, and duly engaging by pure virtue of its palpable passion.
8. Whisky Ledger
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