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34 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2023

The stage is set for an all-out superstar showdown, and we’re not talking about the on-field action. With Super Bowl LVII exploding onto television screens on Sunday 12 February, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will lock horns in a battle for the ages, but elsewhere, the real spectacle has already begun. Kicking off as early as last week, the best of the best Super Bowl ads for 2023 slowly started infiltrating our feeds, arriving on streaming platforms, YouTube and of course, TV. A proverbial buffet of big-name celebrities offering their cameo services to the highest bidder, the 2023 Super Bowl ad roster is as stacked as the sporting event itself. And for the amount of money some brands are paying, you’d expect nothing less.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2023

Building on last year, advertisers have once again upped the ante for the best Super Bowl commercials. Littered with A-list stars, cameo appearances and pop-culture references, these big-budget clips are worth a watch. Here’s a roundup of the best commercials, along with some of the more high-profile misses for Super Bowl LVII.

PopCorners: ‘Breaking Good’

Brand: PopCorners
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul

The boys from Breaking Bad are cooking up something delicious once more. In this 2023 Super Bowl ad for chip company PopCorners, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles from the hit series, giving fans a fresh look at the beleaguered drug producers. This 60-second ad shines a light on the positive nature of air-popped chips, albeit with some less-than-savoury characters.

Paaramount+: ‘Stallone Face’

Brand: Paramount+
Starring: Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone is having a bit of a moment right now. The hulking, age-defying action star has turned to TV in recent years, with a slew of solid performances across streaming platforms like Paramount+. For Super Bowl LVII, the Tulsa King star referenced his iconic Cliffhanger opening, perfectly fusing the past and present.

General Motors: ‘Why Not an EV?’

Brand: General Motors
Starring: Will Ferrell

Comedian Will Ferrell has continued his long-standing relationship with General Motors, releasing a series of short teaser clips in the run-up to Super Bowl LVII. The first is a small Squid Game reference, which feels a little dated, while the second appears to be a play on the uber-successful HBO hit The Last of UsIn this clip, Ferrell stops to ask a local zombie for directions, before quickly changing his mind. These ones aren’t the best, but we’re expecting big things from Ferrell on game day.

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Heineken 0.0: ‘Now You Can, Before Saving the Day’

Brand: Heineken 0.0
Starring: Paul Rudd

Probably the most disappointing use of a celebrity cameo this year, Heineken went all out for its 0.0 release, enlisting the help of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Paul Rudd. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to have enough money left over for a scriptwriter and we’re sadly left with an obvious movie plug and a bizarrely tied-in no-alcohol beer.

Uber One: ‘One Hit for Uber One’

Brand: Uber One
Starring: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

If you’ve ever seen Get Him to the Greek, you know rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has some serious comedy chops. This year, he leant them out to Uber in a commercial that sees him crafting a flawless new hit theme song.

FanDuel: ‘Kick of Destiny’

Brand: FanDuel
Starring: Rob Gronkowski

NFL legend Rob Gronkowski is no stranger to the Super Bowl, but this time he’s on the advertising end. The former tight-end is back in the football realm, serving up laughs in a new commercial for FanDeul. As part of the promotion, Gronk is attempting to kick a field goal, which if successful, will net FanDuel big-game bettors a share of $10 million in free bets.

Skechers: ‘Slip-Ins’

Brand: Skechers
Starring: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg will plug pretty much anything if you pay him enough and this year, Skechers footed the bill, quite literally. The rap legend showed off his ultra-comfortable footwear in a variety of settings, including giving an actual dog a haircut, coaching football and whatever else Snoop Dogg does with his spare time.

Squarespace ‘Backstage with Adam Driver’

Brand: Squarespace
Starring: Adam Driver

If multiple Adam Drivers has been a fantasy of yours, you’re in luck. Website building tool Squarespace has released a new Super Bowl commercial that stars not one, not two but an absolute sh*tload of Adam Driver clones all dressed to the nines. At this stage, Squarespace has only debuted the teaser, so you’ll have to wait until Super Bowl day to see the whole thing.

Pepsi Zero Sugar: ‘Ben Stiller and Steve Martin’

Brand: Pepsi Zero Sugar
Starring: Ben Stiller, Steve Martin

Two comedy heavyweights go head to head in one of the more simple but genius Super Bowl commercials of the year. Ben Stiller and Steve Martin team up in this clip that shows them butting heads over their general dislike for each other. Pepsi Zero Sugar has nailed the concept of just getting two great talents together and letting them riff off one another. Simple is always better.

Pepsi Zero Sugar: ‘Great Acting or Great Taste’

Brand: Pepsi Zero Sugar
Starring: Ben Stiller, Steve Martin

In the second iteration of its Steve Martin/Ben Stiller commercial series, Pepsi Zero Sugar revived VH1’s three-time male model of the year, Derek Zoolander for an all-out action and fashion extravaganza. Phenomenal.

Hellmann’s: ‘Who’s in the Fridge’

Brand: Hellmann’s
Starring: Jon Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson

Who doesn’t love a bit of Jon Hamm? The Mad Men star has been kicking goals for over a decade and this year, he’s set his sights on mayonnaise. Teaming up with Brie Larson for, you guessed it, a Brie and Hamm sandwich, this commercial starts off well enough, but the wild appearance of Pete Davidson seemingly derails whatever Hellmann’s had in mind.

Google: ‘Fixed on Pixel’

Brand: Google
Starring: Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Doja Cat

For its latest Pixel 7 phone campaign, Google tapped comedian Amy Schumer, NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and hitmaker Doja Cat for an interesting new addition The three A-listers do their best to rid exes, blurry shots and poor choices from the past. Let’s hope this ad doesn’t become one of them.

Experian: ‘Happy Guy’

Brand: Experian
Starring: John Cena

Say what you will, but we’re convinced John Cena is just a 12-year-old boy in a 45-year-old bodybuilder’s frame. For Super Bowl LVII, the former WWE wrestler has teamed up with Experian for a commercial that is all-singing, all-dancing and all-over good vibes. It’s short but very sweet.

E*TRADE: ‘Baby’

Brand: E*TRADE
Starring: A very talented baby

The E*TRADE baby is back once more. This time around, the talking toddler is MCing a wedding for two other babies, which is a situation that feels slightly more problematic than cute. Each to their own, we guess.

M&Ms: ‘Yum’

Brand: M&Ms
Starring: Maya Rudolph

When M&Ms’ walking, talking candy people came under contention late last year, comedian Maya Rudolph stepped up to the plate. For Super Bowl 2023, the Bridesmaids star introduces Ma&Yas, a disturbingly delicious new treat. This commercial may be simple, but when you’ve got Rudolph leading the charge, it’s hard to go wrong.

Doritos: ‘I gotta do me, Missy’

Brand: Doritos
Starring: Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott

Jack Harlow and Missy Elliot join forces for this Doritos Super Bowl commercial that poses more questions than it answers. At this stage, the clip is just a teaser, so we’ll have to wait until game time to find out what sort of bizarre love triangle the rap stars find themselves in.

DoorDash: ‘We Get Groceries’

Brand: DoorDash
Starring: Matty Matheson, Raekwon

Celebrity chef Matty Matheson is famous for shouting everything that he says (which we love) and this year, he’s got something to shout about. Teaming up with Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef, the Canadian culinary king is plugging DoorDash’s new grocery services.

Michelob Ultra: ‘New Member’s Day’

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Starring: Serena Williams, Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler, Tony Romo, Brian Cox

Beer brand Michelob Ultra is no stranger to big-budget Super Bowl commercials, but this year, it tapped some seriously heavy hitters. Featuring tennis dynamo Serena Williams, NBA superstar Jimmy Butler, NFL legends Peyton Manning and Tony Romo, the New Member’s Day commercial lands firmly in Caddyshack territory. The one-minute clip even shows Succession lead Brian Cox losing his mind with the low-brow antics of his fellow competitors, to the delight of everyone involved.

Michelob Ultra ‘Romo Impersonations’

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Starring: Tony Romo

The second instalment from Michelob Ultra this year sees NFL legend Tony Romo doing his best Bill Murray impersonation. And to be honest, it’s actually pretty good. Recreating the iconic greenskeeper golfing scene, complete with slack jaw and rake club, this ad is a perfect continuation of Michelob Ultra’s country club theme for this year.

T-Mobile: ‘New Year, New Neighbour’

Brand: T-Mobile
Starring: John Travolta, Donald Faison, Zach Braff

John Travolta is no stranger to Super Bowl ads, but unlike last year’s weird TikTok dancing one, the Grease star is back on top. For T-Mobile’s ‘New Year, New Neighbour’ commercial, the screen legend finds himself stuck next to Scrubs couple Turk and JD for an all-singing, all-dancing number.

Downy: ‘Call Me Downy McBride’

Brand: Downy
Starring: Danny McBride

Eastbound and Down star Danny McBride isn’t exactly the kind of celebrity you’d associate with laundry detergent, but that may soon change. In this fun little clip, the funnyman is changing his name to Downy McBride, delivering a knockout performance with a little help from our old friend DMX.

Bud Light: ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’

Brand: Bud Light
Starring: Miles Teller

Fresh off a dominant on-screen performance in Top Gun: Maverick, superstar Miles Teller has released a new commercial with his real-life wife Keleigh for Bud Light. In this ad, Keleigh waits on hold, while Miles puts on a more than admirable Risky Business impersonation, channelling Top Gun co-star Tom Cruise.

Crown Royal ‘Dave Grohl Learns Something New’

Brand: Crown Royal
Starring: Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl certainly doesn’t need the money, but that hasn’t stopped him from teaming up with Canadian whisky brand Crown Royal for a new Super Bowl commercial. Here, Grohl lists a series of dubious titles that could either be tasting notes of sexual positions. You decide.

Planters: ‘Jeff Ross Gets Ready to Roast Mr. Peanut’

Brand: Planters
Starring: Mr Peanut, Jeff Ross

This one is fairly clever. For its Super Bowl commercial this year, Planters revived Mr Peanut, acquainting him with roast-master Jeff Ross for a hilarious collaboration. Interestingly enough, the commercial arrives just a few years after it was announced that Mr Peanut had retired. It seems Planters may have changed its tune.

Avocados From Mexico: ‘Make it Better’

Brand: Avocados From Mexico
Starring: Anna Faris

This one is a bit out of left field. Tapping funny woman Anna Faris, Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl ad leaves us with more questions than it does answers. Why does an avocado brand need a celebrity endorsement? What’s with the talking gopher? Why is everyone naked? We may never know!

Workday: ‘Rock Star’

Brand: Workday
Starring: Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Bill Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Clark Jr.

Good god, we hate to think how much this commercial cost. Starring Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne as your least favourite employee, Workday’s Super Bowl commercial taps some of the biggest rock stars in music history for a brief look at the high-octane world of HR.

Busch: ‘Shelter’

Brand: Busch
Starring: Busch Guy, Sarah McLachlan

At just 30 seconds long, Busch’s Shelter commercial isn’t the longest on the list, but it sure is memorable. Featuring Sarah McLachlan and the iconic Busch Guy, the ad sees the unlikely pair hit the trail for an adventure day. It’s enjoyable enough, but the addition of McLachlan confirms Busch is taking a not-so-subtle dig at her ASPCA commercials.

Rakuten: ‘Not So Clueless’

Brand: Rakuten
Starring: Cher

More than 20 years after she set the world ablaze, Alicia Silverstone’s Cher has returned. The actress has reprised her role from the hit ’90s flick Clueless, complete with classic yellow plaid outfit for good measure. This time around, Cher is head of the class, serving up savings on behalf of Rakuten.

DraftKings ‘Celebrity-Fest’

Brand: DraftKings
Starring: Kevin Hart, Tony Hawk, Emmitt Smith, Julius Erving, The Undertaker, Ludacris, David Ortiz

DraftKings’ Super Bowl commercial for 2023 might not be the funniest, most interesting or most persuasive, but it could very well be the most star-studded. Headlined by funnyman Kevin Hart, the betting company’s ad also sees appearances from Tony Hawk, Emmitt Smith, David Ortiz, Julius Erving, The Undertaker and even Ludacris.

Pringles: ‘WorthIt’

Brand: Pringle
Starring: Meghan Trainor

For years we’ve lamented the size of the Pringles can hole. Not quite big enough to squeeze your whole hand into, not small enough to warrant a utensil, the whole situation is a nightmare for our big-knuckled friends. Apparently, Grammy-winner Meghan Trainor is one of them. In this Super Bowl LVII commercial, the All About That Bass singer gets her hand stuck in the can, leading to dire consequences.

Budweiser: ‘Six Degress of Bud’

Brand: Budweiser

We’ve all played a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but now Budweiser is getting in on the action. The beer brand debuted a Super Bowl commercial that plays off the fact that a Bud is never far away. It’s a decent ad that doesn’t aim for too serious or too funny but certainly gets its message across.

Bush’s Beans: “Beautiful Bean Tryouts’

Brand: Bush’s Beans
Starring: Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning and a can of baked beans, enough said. The NFL legend turned whiskey entrepreneur has served up a commercial than is as strange as it is entertaining. Taking the absurdist approach to its very limits, Manning’s consistent and slightly unnerving mantra of ‘Roll that beautiful bean footage’ is powerful, emotional and surprisingly moving. Also, there is a talking dog.

Sam Adams: ‘Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston’

Brand: Sam Adams
Starring: Your Cousin from Boston, Kevin Garnett

Massachusetts’ favourite beer, Sam Adams served up a tasty treat this year, courtesy of your cousin from Boston. Envisioning a world where Bostonians aren’t willing to cut you for any indiscretion, the commercial paints a euphoric picture of what could be. It even stars a guest appearance from the OG of talking smack, Kevin Garnett who uncharacteristically plugs the virtue of kindness.

Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes | Image: Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes | Image: Cooper Neill/Getty Images

How Much is a Super Bowl Ad in 2023?

Over the last decade, the cost of a Super Bowl ad has exploded into the millions, however, for advertisers, the unique opportunity is still an enticing deal. NBC, one of the networks responsible for the 2023 Super Bowl broadcast announced last week that it had sold out of Super Bowl commercials, with multiple 30-second placements selling for a record USD$7 million. The figure, while astounding, merely follows an upward trajectory for the sporting event, which regularly drags in over 100 million viewers. Similarly, Fox ad sales chief Mark Evans told Deadline that the average price of a 30-second ad this year on Fox’s broadcast is between USD$6 million and USD$7 million (AUD$8.7 million to AUD$10.1 million).

“The fractionalization of attention because of streaming and social media makes the Super Bowl more important than ever,” Patrick Crakes, a former Fox Sports executive turned media consultant told CNN Business. “If you’re in business with the NFL and you’re advertising during the Super Bowl, you’re a real player…Think about a company like GoDaddy. GoDaddy invested in the Super Bowl for years, did a lot of crazy things to get attention inside it, and it helped their business,” he said. “I think it’s a great investment, even at this price tag.”

Despite the enormous value placed on the TV spot, it only makes up a portion of the total sum. Advertisers go all out in the pursuit of Super Bowl commercial perfection, tapping celebrities from across the globe for guest appearances, cameo performances and unique parodies, driving production costs to eye-watering amounts. Take Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant commercial from 2022, for example. The ad placement, headlined by Creed star and all-around sex symbol Michael B. Jordan cost a whopping USD$26 million to produce, making it the most expensive advertisement in Super Bowl history.

For Super Bowl LVII, the production costs are likely to swell even further, with external economic factors such as inflation driving up expenditure. Throw in a dazzling halftime performance by Rihanna, her first major appearance since 2016, and you’ve got a recipe for a blockbuster bottom line. With a number of famous faces already attaching themselves to major brands, the sheer value of a Super Bowl ad in 2023 is only growing.

Alicia Silverstone for Rakuten | Image: YouTube
Alicia Silverstone for Rakuten | Image: YouTube

Why are Super Bowl Ads So Expensive?

Put simply, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched entertainment spectacles on television each and every year. Broadcast across 225 different stations in more than 180 different countries, alongside around 450 radio stations, the sporting event is a perfect place to reveal a new brand messaging, product or tagline. In the past, classic ads like Wendy’s 1984 hit Where’s the Beef? and Budweiser’s Whassup? from 1999 made their debut at the Super Bowl before transcending the sporting arena and entering the cultural vernacular.

Last year, Super Bowl LVI was viewed by a staggering 99.18 million people, however, fell short of the all-time viewing record. The most-watched Super Bowl ever belongs to Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, which saw the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks do battle in front of 114.44 million viewers. Needless to say, with numbers like this, it’s little wonder brands are eager to jump at the lucrative, albeit very expensive, advertising opportunity.

BRian Cox and Serena Willams for Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad 2023 | Image: Joshua Sobel/Sobel Creative
Brian Cox and Serena Willams for Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad 2023 | Image: Joshua Sobel/Sobel Creative

General FAQs

How much is a Super Bowl ad 2023?

A 30-second Super Bowl ad placement on Fox in 2023 will cost between USD$6 million and USD$7 million, according to Variety.

What is the most expensive Super Bowl commercial ever?

At last count, Amazon's Alexa voice assistant commercial from 2022 was the most expensive advertisement in Super Bowl history, costing a whopping USD$26 million to produce.