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34 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2023 | Man of Many

Building on last year, advertisers have once again upped the ante for the best Super Bowl commercials. Littered with A-list stars, cameo appearances and pop-culture references, these big-budget clips are worth a watch. Here’s a roundup of the best commercials, along with some of the more high-profile misses for Super Bowl LVII.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2023

Brand: PopCorners
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul

PopCorners: ‘Breaking Good’

Brand: Paramount+
Starring: Sylvester Stallone

Paaramount+: ‘Stallone Face’

Brand: General Motors
Starring: Will Ferrell

General Motors: ‘Why Not an EV?’

Brand: Heineken 0.0
Starring: Paul Rudd

Heineken 0.0: ‘Now You Can, Before Saving the Day’

Brand: Uber One
Starring: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Uber One: ‘One Hit for Uber One’

Brand: FanDuel
Starring: Rob Gronkowski

FanDuel: ‘Kick of Destiny’

Brand: Skechers
Starring: Snoop Dogg

Skechers: ‘Slip-Ins’

Brand: Squarespace
Starring: Adam Driver

Squarespace ‘Backstage with Adam Driver’

Brand: Pepsi Zero Sugar
Starring: Ben Stiller, Steve Martin

Pepsi Zero Sugar: ‘Ben Stiller and Steve Martin’

Brand: Pepsi Zero Sugar
Starring: Ben Stiller, Steve Martin

Pepsi Zero Sugar: ‘Great Acting or Great Taste’

Brand: Hellmann’s
Starring: Jon Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson

Hellmann’s: ‘Who’s in the Fridge’

Brand: Google
Starring: Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Doja Cat

Google: ‘Fixed on Pixel’

Brand: Experian
Starring: John Cena

Experian: ‘Happy Guy’

Brand: E*TRADE
Starring: A very talented baby

E*TRADE: ‘Baby’

Brand: M&Ms
Starring: Maya Rudolph

M&Ms: ‘Yum’

Brand: Doritos
Starring: Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott

Doritos: ‘I gotta do me, Missy’

Brand: DoorDash
Starring: Matty Matheson, Raekwon

DoorDash: ‘We Get Groceries’

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Starring: Serena Williams, Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler, Tony Romo, Brian Cox

Michelob Ultra: ‘New Member’s Day’

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Starring: Tony Romo

Michelob Ultra ‘Romo Impersonations’

Brand: T-Mobile
Starring: John Travolta, Donald Faison, Zach Braff

T-Mobile: ‘New Year, New Neighbour’

Brand: Downy
Starring: Danny McBride

Downy: ‘Call Me Downy McBride’

Brand: Bud Light
Starring: Miles Teller

Bud Light: ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’

Brand: Crown Royal
Starring: Dave Grohl

Crown Royal ‘Dave Grohl Learns Something New’

Brand: Planters
Starring: Mr Peanut, Jeff Ross

Planters: ‘Jeff Ross Gets Ready to Roast Mr. Peanut’

Brand: Avocados From Mexico
Starring: Anna Faris

Avocados From Mexico: ‘Make it Better’

Brand: Workday
Starring: Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Bill Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Clark Jr.

Workday: ‘Rock Star’

Brand: Busch
Starring: Busch Guy, Sarah McLachlan

Busch: ‘Shelter’

Brand: Rakuten
Starring: Cher

Rakuten: ‘Not So Clueless’

Brand: DraftKings
Starring: Kevin Hart, Tony Hawk, Emmitt Smith, Julius Erving, The Undertaker, Ludacris, David Ortiz

DraftKings ‘Celebrity-Fest’

Brand: Pringle
Starring: Meghan Trainor

Pringles: ‘WorthIt’

Brand: Budweiser

Budweiser: ‘Six Degress of Bud’

Brand: Bush’s Beans
Starring: Peyton Manning

Bush’s Beans: “Beautiful Bean Tryouts’

Sam Adams: ‘Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston’

Brand: Sam Adams
Starring: Your Cousin from Boston, Kevin Garnett
Over the last decade, the cost of a Super Bowl ad has exploded into the millions, however, for advertisers, the unique opportunity is still an enticing deal. NBC, one of the networks responsible for the 2023 Super Bowl broadcast announced last week that it had sold out of Super Bowl commercials, with multiple 30-second placements selling for a record USD$7 million. The figure, while astounding, merely follows an upward trajectory for the sporting event, which regularly drags in over 100 million viewers. Similarly, Fox ad sales chief Mark Evans told Deadline that the average price of a 30-second ad this year on Fox’s broadcast is between USD$6 million and USD$7 million (AUD$8.7 million to AUD$10.1 million).

How Much is a Super Bowl Ad in 2023?

Put simply, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched entertainment spectacles on television each and every year. Broadcast across 225 different stations in more than 180 different countries, alongside around 450 radio stations, the sporting event is a perfect place to reveal a new brand messaging, product or tagline. In the past, classic ads like Wendy’s 1984 hit Where’s the Beef? and Budweiser’s Whassup? from 1999 made their debut at the Super Bowl before transcending the sporting arena and entering the cultural vernacular.

Why are Super Bowl Ads So Expensive?

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