Anker Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds Solves the Problem of “Wireless Earbuds”

The problem with “wireless earbuds” is that they’re not entirely wireless. You still have the wire connecting the two buds. The Anker Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds solved that problem by creating separate earpieces that aren’t tied together with a cord. Instead, they use the same technology found in communication satellites and drones called LDS antenna. This connection is stronger than other wireless forms, meaning no skips or drops, just continuously streamed music.

anker zolo liberty earphones front and box view

The buds are tiny—the same size as your regular earbuds. The sound quality, however, is not. The Zolo Liberty+ buds utilize graphene-coated drivers that are extra rigid yet super light. The result is precision oscillation for superior sound and boosted treble and clarity. They also stay in your ear. Even if you get a good fit with other buds, you have to worry about the cord between the buds snagging on something. The Zolo Liberty+ buds use GripFit to stay comfortably in your ear. They slide in, then a little twist locks them into position.

anker zolo liberty earphones front side view

You might worry about charge time with something so small, but no need to here. The Liberty+ can play for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. Plus, pairing is a breeze. Just pair it once, and then every time you take them out of their case, they’ll automatically reconnect with your phone. A simple double-tap on the buds gives you access to your favorite AI assistant. Just speak and the internalized microphones will relay the request.

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anker zolo liberty earphones box view

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