Beats by Dre Solo Pro are Over Ear AirPods

For some people and for some occasions, AirPods just don’t work. If you need the features and function of AirPods but in a headphone configuration, Apple’s Beats by Dre Solo Pro are what you’re looking for. The $299.95, on-ear, noise-canceling headphones were recently unveiled by Apple.

Beats By Dre Solo Pro blue fold

Beats by Dre has been a popular product for Apple, with a reported 30 million of the headphones being sold so far. The new model looks to take that number even higher. Using the same Apple H1 chip found in the new AirPods, the Beats can be paired with your iPhone or iPad, just like AirPods. After you initially pair your iOS device and Beats—which is done with a simple tap—the headphones will automatically sync when you turn them on. Turning them on is simple as well; all you have to do is unfold them and they automatically turn on. And just like AirPods, you can just say “Hey Siri” to gain access to Apple’s voice assistant. The one drawback to these headphones is that they are pure Bluetooth headphones, meaning if you have to plug them into the device—like a Nintendo Switch or airplane audio systems—you’re out of luck. For charging, the headphones use a Lightning cable and should have about three hours of battery life after just 10 minutes of charging. Battery life is reported to be 22 hours on a full charge with noise canceling on or 40 hours without.

Beats By Dre Solo Pro red with case

The headphones offer active noise cancellation, but you can also turn on “transparency mode” which lets you hear noises outside of your headphones. The cups feature buttons that let you control your audio, skipping songs or adjusting the volume.

Beats By Dre Solo Pro

Apple is offering the Solo Pro headphones in black, white, gray, blue, light blue, and red.

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Beats By Dre Solo Pro blue

Beats By Dre Solo Pro red