BioConnected HR+ Are Hands Down the Best Wireless Earbuds for Running

Co-founded by Australian sports physiologist Dr. Sven Rees, startup BioConnected takes a hard-lined approach toward modern health. Entailed in the company’s objective is the notion that true physical and mental fitness involves occasionally putting down the VR headset and going for a run. In other words, if you want to be healthy, you have to exercise. Period. Of course you’ll want to stay on top of those vitals when you do–and have some great tunes to keep you motivated. That’s why Rees created the world’s first bio-sensing sports earbuds: BioConnected HR+. The lightweight and wireless buds not only drop brilliant audio, but measure heart-rate variability and other metrics with painstaking precision. Welcome to the new world of fitness tracking.

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Think about it. If you were to ask the majority of satisfied young men their secret to success, you could very well end up with the following mantra: Work hard. Play hard. Stay fit. Such a directly physical approach might spit in the face of “positive thinking”, but should you abide you might find positivity to be a natural outcome as opposed to some vague catalyst. In other words, the true recipe for health and success in the modern world is finding your physical groove and sustaining it. That means working your butt off during the week, having a great time on the weekends, and maintaining a consistent exercise routine.

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Naturally, you’ll want a soundtrack for those workouts. However, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds are so much more than music delivery systems (though the acoustics are indeed remarkable). Rees and his team discovered that the ear is physiologically the best place for heart rate tracking during exercise. Bolstered by advanced technology, the buds can thereby detect even the tiniest heart-rate variance. That allows you direct access to your most important vital, and by extension keeps you aware of any impending causes for alarm. Throw in real time tracking of your other metrics along with a steadfast, ergonomic design, and you’re looking at the best wireless headphones for athletes, runners and urban warriors. Hands down.

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Like so many revolutionary products, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds are years in the making. Dr. Rees and his team of scientists worked tirelessly on the biometrics while fellow co-founders Chris Huggett and Dr. Kay Trippner handled design, marketing and logistics. Such a methodical approach allowed the team to learn as they went and adjust accordingly. As a result, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds tout supreme attention to detail in design along with their laser sharp biometric accuracy.

For example, during the R&D stage, BioConnected’s founders discovered that 20% of all sports headphones are returned due to sweat failure. That led to the implementation of plasma nano-coating on the circuit boards, which prevents damage from sweat. Another thing the founders realised as they developed their product? That most wireless earbuds don’t stay in the ear during intense workouts, and the ones that do are frequently uncomfortable. This prompted them to create a patented three-axis locking mechanism with nine variations to deliver a perfect, customised fit. That’s joined by shorter stems, three custom-fitting gels and three shark-fin stabilisers. It all adds up to a mix of firmness, comfort and stability. The earbuds are also smaller and longer-lasting than a competitor like Bose SoundSport.

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On the fidelity front, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds don’t slouch. Thanks to a top-rate team of acoustic engineers, the earphones utilise a large 8.6mm audio driver to bring premium bass response and a distinct acoustic profile. In the words of Dr. Rees:  “If you were using HR+ simply as a set of audio headphones without any of the sports-related data collection and feedback, it would still be at the top end of those that are available…even if this was not a unique sports device, it does a better job of the basics, including sound quality for music or phone calls.”

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Of course, what ultimately separates the BioConnected HR+ earbuds from the pack is the brilliant and accurate biometric tracking system. The thing is most headphones are made by tech brands. With Dr. Rees at the helm, BioConnected represents that rare breed of wearable gadgetry designed by a fitness specialist. In that regard, the product has been over-engineered to cater to athletes and urban warriors.

Consequently, BioConnected HR+ earbuds take fitness tracking to a frontier beyond wristbands and smartwatches without missing a beat. Being attuned to the specific physiology of the runner, the device is able to configure personalised data in real time. This can prove essential in the world of sports medicine by helping doctors monitor the effectiveness of prescribed routines.

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Likewise, the earbuds can help you set goals and alert you to any abnormalities. Think of it as having a personal trainer with a medical background in your ear who has one finger on your pulse the whole time. Speaking of which, the earbuds come with an adjustable voice feedback system that can coach you, inspire you, make sure you hit your targets, and prevent you from over-training. Naturally, you can also let the music be your primary motivator. The choice is yours to make.

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Needless to say, it’s never been easier to stay in the zone and achieve your fitness goals. In addition to monitoring heart rate, the BioConnected HR+ can track crucial data on speed, pace, distance, energy and cadence. Furthermore, the buds are compatible with current running apps like Strava, Map My Run and BioConnected’s own fitness app. For those who need some down time, the earbuds can be also used for meditation courtesy of a built-in breathing app. Indeed, BioConnected has pretty much thought of everything.

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The beauty of wireless headphones is that they don’t get in your way during a workout, presuming they stay intact. Thanks to years of R&D, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds duly heed the ergonomic call. However, these buds are optimal in so much more than design. They’ve been crafted exclusively for runners, athletes and men who work as hard as they play. To suggest they provide fitness insights over their competitors would be putting it mildly–they literally break ground by putting a heart rate monitor in your ear. The result is precision, health, comfort, wearability, technology, durability, compatibility and the absence of clutter all in one superb package. This is Australian innovation at its finest.

Now available for purchase, the BioConnected HR+ earbuds are being sold at a suggested retail price of $299 AUD.

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