Dynaudio Emit Entry-Level Loudspeakers Outshine the Competition

Dynaudio Emit loudspeakers are perfect for anyone who cares about sound quality but doesn’t want to break the bank. Emit is Dynaudio’s entry-level loudspeaker range, although still features as much know-how, innovation and enthusiasm as the high-end Evidence range.

Inside a pair of Emit speakers, you will find the same materials in the drivers as you’ll find on every other model. It’s the same Magnesium Silicate Polymer for the mid/bass drivers, the same philosophy behind the precision-coated soft-dome tweeters, and the same lightweight aluminium voice-coils for greater precision, power-consistency and control.

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The Emit range comprises three speakers and one subwoofer. The M10 is an award-winning compact speaker ideal for small to medium-sized rooms – bookshelves or sideboards – basically anywhere that space is limited. M10’s 14cm MSP mid/bass driver and 28mm soft-dome tweeter team up with a first-order crossover and forgiving linear 6-ohm impedance that lets them play nicely with pretty much any amp you plug them into. The tuned bass-reflex port and long-throw driver are optimised for smaller rooms.

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The M20 is also an award-winning speaker that’s bigger and bolder in size. You get a 17cm mid/bass driver designed to fill mid-size and larger rooms. The 28mm soft-dome tweeter remains because it’s one of the best that Dynaudio has ever made. These sleek speakers can be mounted on matching Dynaudio Stand 6s for elegant, supportive positioning.

M30 is the Great Dane of the Emit range. The floor stander doesn’t cost the earth but looks like it did. M30 shares the same DNA as the top-of-the-line loudspeakers with twin 17cm MSP bass drivers each featuring a large 75mm aluminium voice-coil and 28mm soft-dome tweeters with rear damping chambers for even greater precision. The M30s are designed to work just as well in a stereo set-up or multichannel system.

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Finally, Emit M15C is an ultra-compact centre-channel ideal for complementing your surround-sound system. The two 11cm MSP drivers and 28mm soft-dome tweeter handle the business end, while the angled centre base lets you position the speaker for listening on a sofa. You can also put it flat on a low sideboard, or fix it to the wall with a special Dynaudio mounting bracket.

Emit is the perfect place to start if you’re just discovering that not all speakers are made equal. Then again, you could always dive straight into the deep end and go for Dynaudio’s $85,000 Evidence speakers or go wireless with Xeo. Dynaudio’s Emit loudspeakers are priced between $1000 – $2000 for a pair and are available now.

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