dynaudios evidence loudspeakers released

Dynaudio’s Evidence Loudspeakers are $85,000 Well Spent!

Dynaudio’s Evidence Loudspeakers are hailed by hi-fi critics and music lovers from all over the world for their true, uncompromised music reproduction. The Evidence range is the culmination of years of extensive knowledge, in-depth research and development, and the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art speaker technology. So let’s take a closer look.

dynaudios evidence loudspeakers closer look

Standing just over 2 metres tall, Dyna’s Evidence Master loudspeaker is comprised of three individual interlocking cabinet sections with the identical upper and lower sections housing the bass drive units, while the middle section contains the mid-range treble units and crossover. This design optimises the bass, mid-range and high-frequency reproduction.

dynaudios evidence loudspeakers bass drive units

The middle section features a massive solid aluminium baffle which houses two exceptional Dynaudio MSP cone mid-range drivers and two perfectly matched and meticulously selected soft-dome tweeters. The mechanical properties of aluminium, in conjunction with the mass of the middle section, guarantees perfect resonance control and sound dispersion. The Master loudspeaker utilises Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC), reducing room reflections.dynaudios evidence loudspeakers reducing room reflections

The Evidence Temptation is the more compact Loudspeaker perfect for medium to small-sized rooms. It too isolates the bass, mid and treble drive units to perfect every detail and realise the highest possible level of sonic performance. Two MSP cone mid-range drivers and two soft-dome tweeters are integrated into the middle section which itself is manufactured from solid aluminium. The tweeters’ fine soft domes are each protected by an acoustically neutral slim titanium bar. DDC technology is also packed into this compact speaker.

dynaudios evidence loudspeakers solid aluminium framework

The Evidence Platinum is the newest and premium Dynaudio loudspeaker. Each speaker is handcrafted in Denmark – overseen by experts in furniture polishing, acoustics, materials science, woodworking, CNC machining and more. Updated wiring and ultra-sophisticated bracing complements the advanced crossover design with thermal and mechanical environments that protect the high-grade components.

dynaudios evidence loudspeakers outlook

The Platinum features four woofers housed in two separate cabinets to spread lower frequencies across the room. You still get the power of a larger driver but improved control and precision that can only be achieved with smaller drivers. Dyna’s choice of tweeter is the Esotar2 fabric soft-dome tweeter which is commonly regarded as one of the best drivers in the world and features aerodynamic principles and a magnetic assembly that translates to incredible dynamics and purity.

Dyna audio evidence speakers 4

Finally, the Evidence Center is a perfectly tailored setup designed to meet the requirements of modern multichannel recordings. The Evidence Center shares the same construction and design principles as the Evidence Master and Temptation – with a solid aluminium baffle protecting two soft dome tweeters and two symmetrically arranged mid-range drivers perfectly integrated.

From all the incredibly positive reviews and feedback available on the web, Dynaudio’s Evidence range are undoubtedly some of the best loudspeakers in the world. They are pricey. A pair of Evidence Platinum will set you back around US $85,000. If they’re in your price range, you should definitely have a look.

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