Experience More with the New Amazon Echo

It seems like we’re full speed ahead into the future, as robot helpers will slowly but surely become ubiquitous to our everyday lives. Not including smartphones to that list, which are already in all of our pockets, there are Rumba robots that already clean many people’s floors and now these devices like the Alexa and the Echo which can be set up in rooms of our homes and listen to everything we say—er, wait patiently for us to ask them a necessary question that they can help out with. It’s like a that quiet butler waiting in the corner of the room in Victorian times, except it’s a machine without a real consciousness.

amazon echo front side view

And now Amazon has released the second generation of the Echo, which has improved Dolby sound and a number of new finishes, from grey fabric to stainless steel to walnut wood on the outside. The second generation Echo does all the things the first generation did, from checking your calendar to telling you the weather to just answering any random question that pops into your head—but it also hears you while music is playing thanks to it’s seven speakers positioned in every direction. It also links up seamlessly with the Alexa device, so one can compliment the other without forcing you to replace a device.

Just be nice to it. These robots might be telling us what to do some day.

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