Lily is a Smart Speaker that Will Teach You Chinese

Learning a second language is a difficult feat to accomplish, and learning it from a textbook doesn’t make it any easier. What does make it easier? Being able to hear and interact in the language as you practice and learn. Lily is the world’s first smart speaker that can help you learn Chinese—and it does so naturally, without books, vocabulary lists, or flash cards.

Pink Lily Learn Chinese Speaker in Lounge room

Lily is 100 per cent voice-controlled. All you have to do is speak, and Lily’s artificial intelligence will interact with you. With levels that range from beginner to advanced, Lily helps you not only learn the words but also correct pronunciation.

Smart speaker

You can also use Lily for real-time translation. Voice games can help you build your vocabulary, and there is a Chinese voice assistant that will check the weather for you, get the news, or tell you the time—all in Chinese, of course.

lily smart speaker

The app teaches you Pinyn and Chinese characters. Lily can even help prepare you for HSK chines Proficiency Test if you’ll be working or studying in China.

Lily is produced by Harman & JBL, so the audio quality is excellent. It is available in six different colours and comes in well-designed unit that can only be described as stylish.

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