Man Hacks Roomba’s Speakers to Swear Upon Impact

Who can blame Roomba? Don’t you do the same thing? If you bump into something or stub your toe, don’t you swear just a bit, even if it’s only under your breath?

Now the beloved robotic housekeeper Roomba does the same thing. YouTube star Michael Reeves customised his Roomba to swear when it runs into things.

This Roomba Swears when it bumps into shit

Reeves put the project together in response to the requests and posts of fans. The build is pretty simple, consisting of a Raspberry Pi, a radio receiver, a Bluetooth speaker, and a few additional new sensors. When the sensors detect a collision, the Raspberry Pi plays audio recordings of other YouTube sensations. The video chronicles the testing of the robot, and people’s reactions to the outbursts. They even take the robot to a local Target to get even more “marketing research.” (The store manager didn’t really appreciate it much.)

If you can handle all the language, the video is pretty entertaining. Of course, this may not be the next hot project, but at least the robot is a little more human now?

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