Master & Dynamic Celebrates 5 with Wireless MH40 Headphones

Master & Dynamic released their MH40 headphones five years ago, much to the joy of audiophiles everywhere. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of those headphones, Master & Dynamic is releasing a wireless version of those same headphones.

The wireless MH40 headphones keep the same aviator-style aesthetic as the originals, only cutting away the cords. That look has weathered the last five years very well, and people are still chasing after it. “Never underestimate beginner’s luck,” remarks Jonathan Levine, Master & Dynamic’s Fonder and CEO, in an email to the Robb Report. “We wanted to design a pair of headphones that would stand the test of time and still inspire people 50 years after launch. The MH40 doesn’t look like anything created before or since and it still stands out from the crowd.”

wireless headphones mh40

Of course, not everything is the same about these headphones. Aside from now being wireless, the new headphones also feature the same aluminum and stainless steel body—what’s new about that? While the materials are the same, the headphones are much lighter. The ear pads and the interiors are still lambskin, but the headband has coated canvas in place of the original heavy grain premium cowhide. The battery has an 18-hour life and can be charged to 50 percent in just half an hour.

Using 40mm Neodymium drivers, the new headphones have a rich and warm sound that will appeal to even the pickiest listener. “Some argue that the fidelity from wired headphones will always be superior to wireless/digital signals. For us, superior acoustics remains a key competitive advantage and core competency, whether wireless or analog,” stated Levine.

The headphones are a testament to Master & Dynamic’s commitment to excellence. “As we’ve become more established in the industry,” says Levine, “we have also become even more detail-oriented (some may say obsessive) than we were at the start. We set high standards for our products as we always want to maintain the positive reputation we’ve built with editors and customers alike.” The MH40 Wireless headphones are available on Master & Dynamic’s website in three different colorways: gunmetal and black, black metal and black, and silver metal and brown. They are priced at $299.

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