Sony’s NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman Brings the Nostalgia

The Sony Walkman is turning 40! Which won’t mean much to anyone born later than the early ‘90s. For everyone else, it’s possibly a nostalgia-fueled blast from the past.

To celebrate the anniversary, Sony is launching the new NW-ZX507B Walkman which doesn’t play cassettes but the Android-powered device uses Wifi to stream music from your favourite apps and download songs onto the 64GB internal storage. The new Walkman will be available from January 2020.

new sony walkman

With a premium aluminium body and 3.6 inch HD touchscreen, the Walkman blends classic style with modern technology. Cassette tape visuals appear on the Walkman display and vary depending on the codec of the music being played.

There is also a convenient USB Type-C port and micro SD card slot along with physical side keys for ease of use. The new Walkman offers 20 hours of battery life and is compatible with the Sony Original Music Player App to customise the sound.

The Walkman may be 40 years old, but that doesn’t mean sound quality is stuck in the past. Sony says supreme audio is achieved with thanks to a premium build. The Walkman chassis delivers clear and powerful sound, while the newly developed capacitors work together to ensure bold bass levels. Audio parts including the use of a high-quality lead-free solder and fine sound resistor, enable clear vocals and sound. DSEE HX support can upscale music.

walkman caseback

The Walkman changed the way people listen to music, making it possible to enjoy your favourite tracks in high-quality sound, anytime, anywhere. The Walkman name may not mean what it once did, but Sony won’t let you forget the impact it had on multiple generations of music lovers.

The NW-ZX507B Sony Walkman will be available in Australia from January 2020 for $1,199.00. The Walkman will be available in a black colourway.

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