The ’70s Live On Through the Native Union x La Boite Concept PR / 01 Speaker

Old school elegance is at the forefront of the Native Union x La Boite concept PR / 01 speaker. Combining high-quality materials with advanced acoustics and connectivity, PR/01 is a state-of-the-art home speaker perfect for anyone who can’t forget the 1970s.

Inspired by an original patent from the 70s, PR/01 features two speakers set inside a multi-amplified pneumatic system delivering a powerful, natural sound even at the lowest frequencies.

“We wanted to make a speaker that would stand the test of time,” says Igor Duc, Co-founder/CEO, Native Union. “Combining La Boite concept’s expertise in audio technology with Native Union’s passion for innovative, user-friendly design, we have created a multi-functional speaker with a superior sound that also charges your everyday tech.”

x la boite concept pr01 speaker operating system

PR / 01 has a wooden frame with brass-toned solid aluminium controls and a hard-wearing textile grille. PR/01 supports Bluetooth for wireless playback. The modular design hides a drawer concealing two AUX inputs, one RCA and one 3.5mm, along with two USB-A and One USB-C port for device charging. PR / 01 also has a dedicated recess designed for Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for Native Union die-hards.

“We are very proud to unveil PR / 01, which is the fruition of a long collaboration with Native Union,” adds Timothée Cagniard, CEO and co-founder, La Boite concept.

“For a long time, we have shared the same DNA and a conviction that technological performance must serve the user on a daily basis and become part of a lifestyle. The PR / 01 development was the perfect opportunity to bring together our savoir-faire.”

The PR/01 70s inspired speaker is available from May 15. You grab one from Native Union and La Boite concept’s websites.

It seems retro-styled speakers are all the rage as Marshall drops the Acton Tawny Speaker plus HiFiBerry and Bang & Olufsen are bringing retro speakers to modern day standards through impressive, yet simplistic, methods.

Check it out

x la boite concept pr01 wireless speaker

x la boite concept pr01 speaker new design

x la boite concept pr01 speaker control system

x la boite concept pr01 speaker wireless charger

x la boite concept pr01 speakers two aux inputs

x la boite concept pr01 front and side view

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