Urban Ears’ Lotsen Speaker Packs a Big Punch in a Small Package

Urbanears has put together an impressive sound system in their Lotsen Speaker. The speaker itself is compact, but don’t let the size fool you. You’ll get excellent sound that will fill your room. The Lotsen speaker can connect to your favorite music streaming services by connecting to your Bluetooth device. The speakers are also equipped with AUX hookups so that you can connect to your turntable as well. You can also save up to seven playlists or radio stations on the speaker, allowing you to switch music easily. Lotsen speakers can also be combined to create a network of speakers in multiple rooms so that the music follows you wherever you go, or, if you prefer, each room can have its own sound.

urban ears lotsen speaker top and side

The Lotsen speakers also use the classic knob set up rather than digital displays and controls. The knobs bring back that tactile connection to music as you navigate through your favorite tunes. That tactile experience continues with the way you’ll hear your music. The Lotsen speakers provide the right vibrations to give uncompromising sound. The tweeter is a 1~ neodymium dome while the woofer is 4~. The speakers also use two class-D amplifiers.

urban ears lotsen speaker on the box

The Lotsen speaker measures 193mm in height, 172mm in width, and 115mm in depth. If you’re looking for something just a bit bigger, you might also take a look at Lotsen’s siblings—Stammen and Baggen. Each is available in six different colors.

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urban ears lotsen speaker operating system

urban ears lotsen speaker on the stand

urban ears lotsen speaker different colors

urban ears lotsen speaker ground view

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