The Difference Between $30 & $3000 Headphones

Not every pricey headphone is worth the money, but the cheaper ones often suffer from common problems like poor audio quality and lack of features. Many often wonder, what is so special about expensive headphones? Are they really worth your money? The short answer is yes, at least for those that want to enjoy in the best possible sound quality.

You probably want the longer answer, though. In that case, read on.

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High-End Headphones Have Better Sound Quality

This point is pretty obvious. The higher you’re willing to pay, the better sound quality you’re going to get! Anyone will be able to hear the difference between a $30 pair and a great $3000 pair. The stark differences often make these headphones worth their heavy price tag.

Your music will sound clearer and crisper, with additional bass that won’t make the sound muddy. With expensive headphones, you’re likely to get bigger soundstage, which is the amazing feeling you get when you’re listening to a live performance. You will be able to hear every instrument, separately, without hearing harsher high notes. If you’re thinking your $30 headphones sound great, it is probably because you never had a chance to experience how $3000 headphones actually sound!

difference between headphone best sound quality

Research and Build Quality

Build and sound quality are the major selling points of any high-end headphones and that is reflected in their price. Coincidentally, those are two attributes where the gap between low and high-quality headphones is the widest.

You can be sure that behind every flagship headphones stand years of research and audio engineering that required considerable investment from the company that made it. Expressions like “near weightless nano-scale diaphragm”, “double magnetic driving force” or “near zero distortion” probably don’t mean much to you but those are the features that wouldn’t be there without extensive research and engineering.

If you ever get a chance to hold $3000+ headphones, the first thing that you will notice is the build quality. There is no place for a cheap plastic on top of the line audio equipment. Only the best (and usually expensive) materials are used in their hand-built design. Bumping them on a table or getting your wire stuck and pulled by your chair wheels aren’t accidents that will result in a search for new headphones.

More Money, More Features

Good headphones set should have build quality and features, and they should feel heavy and sturdy. When you’re shelling out big bucks, you will get headphones that surely have the right appeal and quality, along with other countless features that are missing from $30 headphones.

You can enjoy features like noise cancellation, detachable cables, wireless audio, and much more. These high-end headphones will also have features like fold-up design, shell, ear pad covering (which don’t feel like they’re about to come right off), replaceable tips, and much more. Their headband will be adjustable, and their leather headband and gold-plated connectors add more quality to the structure.

difference between headphone leather headband

Great for High-Quality MP at Home

Headphones that cost more that considered great for every situation. Whether you’re streaming high-bitrates audio or listening to high-quality MP at home, expensive headphones will work great in almost every listening environment. With better headphones, you can easily tell the difference between a good quality sound and a bad one.

Secure Fit

This is a minor point in the big picture, but anyone who had to wear headphones for a couple of hours or more can tell you how important it is to have a comfortable fit!

Whether you want headphones for running or listening music at home, a good fit will ensure that you’re able to listen to music for long hours without feeling uneasy. When it comes to cheaper headphones, the fit is often not great and many of them fall or loosen as you move.

Decide Whether Expensive Headphones are Worth It to You

Spending a big amount on headphones is more of a personal preference than a financial one. High-end headphones mostly end up in the hands of true audiophiles. If you are a person that appreciates superb sound quality, top-notch design and has the budget for it, then you won’t regret this purchase.

Before going for $3000 headphones do your research and look for features that you find most important. If you’re someone who travels on the subway, then features like noise cancellation and wireless audio will bring the most benefit. Don’t simply go for fashion, but look for headphones that are well-crafted and you won’t be disappointed.

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This was a guest post from Nikolaos Kamporoudis. Nikolaos is a businessman with a passion for music and high-end sound systems. As a true audiophile, he believes that every song you listen to at home should feel like a live musical performance. He is currently working for HiEndPlay, a company specialized in selling top of the line audio components.

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