Good Things Come in Small Packages – Sony’s New Pocket Sized Projector

The idea of a home theatre is to recreate the cinema experience within your home. The only way you can truly capture the size and awe of a film on the big screen is with a projector. The good news for us is that technology has reached a point where you don’t need a bulking projector taking up half the room. Sony’s new Pico Projector fits in the palm of your hand. The MP-CL1A projector uses laser beam scanning, providing HD resolution and focus-free projection.

sony mp projector front

The high-quality imagery enables rich and accurate colours, along with 16:9 aspect ratio for the ultimate HD viewing experience. At a distance of just 3.45 metres, Pico can project a screen up to 120 inches. With a distance of 1.15 metres, you will have a standard TV size screen of 40 inches. You can even take Pico outdoors for your own cinema among the stars. Packaged with a kickstand that doubles as a lens cover and USB cable that both fit comfortably in the carry pouch. You can even use Pico to charge your phone. Available in grey or gold, Pico will arrive in Australian stores this November

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