Shut Out the World with the Beoplay H9 Noise Cancelling Headphones

A great song, podcast or film can easily be ruined by interruption from outside noise, which is why we highly recommend headphones with noise cancelling performance such as the Beoplay H9, beautifully designed over-ear headphones that combine premium craftsmanship with supreme comfort. The Beoplay H9s also happen to be wireless. With a headband built around a solid lightweight aluminium frame and covered with both stitched cowhide leather and soft lambskin, the memory foam is pure icing on the cake.

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Beoplay H9 features hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology. Multiple microphones placed on the outside of the ear cushion as well as inside capture the noise before it reaches the ear and produces a reverse signal effectively cancelling out unwanted elements. This leaves the well-rounded, authentic and clean sound performance intact, exactly as intended. You’re building an audio cocoon and the metamorphosis is up to you.

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On the side of the right ear cup is an intuitive touch interface that’s used to activate the noise cancelling function, change songs, answer calls and control the volume. The interface even works under humid conditions and with gloves on. Or adjust the sound profile, make audio selections and monitor battery use via the Beoplay App. The H9 headphones come with up to 14 hours of noise cancelling music performance with just a three-hour charge. If you forgot to turn your headphones off the intelligent battery-saving function will automatically kick in.

Beoplay H9 is available in two colours, Black and Argilla Grey, for a suggested retail price of AUD $799. Included with Beoplay H9 is a carrying bag, a charging cable and an audio cable.

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