Build a Classic with the LEGO Steamboat Willie Building Set

In 1928, a black and white mouse debuted on the silver screen and the course of family entertainment was changed forever. “Steamboat Willie,” Walt Disney’s first film to have synchronised sound, introduced the world to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Since then, the film has been a cherished part of childhood memories.

LEGO celebrates that history with a new building set that models the famous steamboat.

lego steamboat with mickey

The LEGO set consists of 751 pieces—all in black, white, and grey. The S.S. Willie comes alive in the model, with steam pipes that move up and down and paddle wheels that rotate when the boat is pushed. The bridge also features playable details, like the ship’s wheel, life buoy, and buildable bell. Willie also has a working crane that can lift the “potato bin” cargo.

side view steamboat lego

But what would the steamboat be without the hero and his girl? The set comes with brand new Mickey and Minnie Mouse mini-figures that feature special silver-coloured decoration. A parrot figure for Mickey and a guitar with music sheet for Minnie are also included. The figures fit on the deck of the boat, but also in the bridge.

lego box back

When completed, the boat measures over five inches tall, ten inches long, and five inches wide. The set will be available April 1 and will retail for USD$89.99.

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lego box front