LEGO Dances with the Devil to Build the 1989 Batmobile

Even with all the LEGO Batman hype—including a feature length film—there has been on egregious oversight: there hasn’t been a LEGO version of the famous 1989 Batmobile. The 1989 Batman movie, starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger, brought to light Tim Burton’s vision of the Batman universe, including an iconic car. The film gave a jump start to the comic book movie genre, which saw reimaginings of Batman’s wheels. Now you can build your own model of the famous vehicle, oversized fins and all.

Batmobile Lego front view

The LEGO 1989 Batmobile measures 23 inches long and requires 3,300 pieces to build. It comes with three minifigures—Batman in his cowl, Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and Vicki Vale. The model stays true to the source material with many authentic features, such as the slide-open cockpit. For the first time, LEGO is releasing a wraparound windshield element to complete the look. The machine guns, one on each side of the Batmobile, have a pop-up feature that is activated by turning the turbine exhaust. Decorative grappling hooks can be seen on each side as well. Special tires were made for the model as well as wheel trims with the Bat logo. Inside the cockpit, LEGO has included the steering wheel, a stick shift, and dashboard stickers. You can place the Batmobile on a rotating display stand that comes with the model and has an attached information plate with all the car’s statistics.

Batmobile Lego top view

The minifigures comes with accessories as well. Batman wouldn’t be Batman without his Batarang and his grappling gun. The Joker comes with his own gun, and there’s a brick-built camera for Vicki Vale. Batman also features a new cape design that more fully matches the 1989 costume.

Batmobile Lego rear view

A giant gap in Batman memorabilia has been filled with this model. With this model, you’ll be able to finally answer definitively if you’ve ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight.

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Batmobile Lego top view

1989 Batmobile Lego

Batmobile Lego front box

Batmobile Lego back box