LEGO Goes Driving with Top Gear on Rally Car Model

The BBC’s Top Gear highlights some pretty amazing cars, enough so that it is hard to not be jealous of the Stig. But just because you may not be able to drive the same cars that that mysterious driver gets to, doesn’t mean that you can’t still experience the thrill of driving. Top Gear has teamed up with LEGO to create a LEGO Technic app-controlled rally car.

Lego Buildable RC Car side view

The 463-piece model goes on sale for $129. In what had to be a bit of an oversight on LEGO’s part, the car goes on sale December 26, missing out on one of the biggest buying seasons of the year. But, this buildable RC car will still get plenty of people buying it. The set comes with the aforementioned 463 pieces, including a large motor, an extra-large motor, and a Bluetooth-controlled smart hub. If you’re looking for the real world vehicle that inspired this model, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it. The inspiration for this car actually came from the LEGO designers and the Top Gear team as they co-designed the body and the sticker set. The goal was to create “an ultra-realistic and fast-looking racer that fans are sure to enjoy building at home.”

Lego Buildable RC Car top view

This isn’t a model that is meant to just sit on a shelf, though. The Technic model uses the LEGO Technic Control+ app, which allows you to drive the car in forward and reverse. You can also put it through its paces by completing different challenges, which will earn you different achievements. The Control+ app is available through the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app will also give you data on the car’s performance, such as speed, and will provide sounds while you’re driving so that you get the full experience.

Lego Buildable RC Car back view

It’s unfortunate that the model doesn’t include a Stig minifigure, but then, without it, it will be easier to imagine yourself behind the wheel and experience at least a bit of the fun that the Stig gets to have on Top Gear.

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Lego Buildable RC Car engine open

Lego Buildable RC Car back of the box

Lego Buildable RC Car front box