New Xbox Recon Tech Special-Edition Controller

Are you in the market for an Xbox One wireless controller? If so, then we highly suggest that you take a look at the Recon Tech Special Edition controller for the Xbox One, which is due to be released at the end of April.

This controller, inspired by military performance and technology, is both affordable and high-quality. Sci-fi mechanical gear and combat armour serve as the inspiration for this controller. It looks amazing and provides a comfortable gaming experience. This special-edition controller is even compatible with the unique Copilot feature, which allows two people to control the same thing at once.

xbox recon tech special edition

Microsoft used all-new premium grips and textures for this controller. On the back of the controller is a textured diamond rubberized grip. This grip adds extra comfort and control. The front of the controller features a laser-etched texture with insignia and gold accents.

You can get pretty good accuracy using this controller. An enhanced D-pad and responsive thumbsticks provide excellent precision. The bumpers and triggers are specifically designed for quick access. Microsoft placed the menu and view buttons to allow for quick, intuitive navigation.

xbox recon tech back

If you love the original Xbox Wireless Controller, you will not be disappointed with this one. It has all of the same features that you are used to with the original, including Bluetooth technology and an excellent wireless range. Bluetooth allows you to use the Samsung Gear VR and Windows 10 devices for gaming. The wireless range provides up to twice the distance of other controllers. You can also use the custom button mapping feature available through the Xbox Accessories App. Other features include a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack and much more.

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