Xbox One S – The S Stands for “Shut Up and Buy One”

Just kidding–we’re not 100% on what the S stands for. It might stand for sleeker, slimmer and sharper as per their website. Or it could possibly stand for “”smaller””. Or maybe “”smarter””. Whatever the case, the new Xbox S is all of those things and more. It’s 40% more compact than previous models and yet scaling down comes with no sacrifices in the storage and features department. In fact, the Xbox S is being hailed as the most advanced console yet.

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If you shrine at the altar of Xbox there’s probably nothing we can tell you about the new console that you don’t already know, but we have space to fill so we’ll do it anyway. The Xbox One S integrates with your TV, audio/video receiver and cable/satellite receiver. The wireless game controller flaunts a modified design, textured grip, and more range than ever before. Thanks to the controller’s Bluetooth technology, you can play games on PCs and mobile devices. And of course it wouldn’t be a new Xbox console without improved visuals. The Xbox One S utilises High Dynamic Range technology to achieve the best luminosity through an enhanced contrast between the lights and darks. And just a reminder: the console is smaller than ever before.

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So go buy the Xbox One S (if you haven’t already), insert your favourite game, and tell all your friends they shouldn’t expect to see you for about two weeks. Or you can wait for the 2TB Xbox One S to debut in August–that one includes even more storage space and a Vertical Console Stand. It’s up to you, really. We don’t know you personally so it’s kind of tough to make all these choices on your behalf.

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