Fathers day gift guide 2021 – funny gifts

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 – Funny Gifts

To sweeten the deal on the stacked gift guides that we’ve catalogued, we’re bringing you more fresh and piquing goods to dazzle dad this Father’s Day. Whether the patriarch likes to wet his whistle, needs a crash course on jokes or a novelty item that steers him clear from bogarting the TV, rest assured that you’ll steal the show this year thanks to this gift bible. From the team who brought you the stylish, fitness and WFH gift guides comes the greatest one yet — the Funny Gifts.

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Victoria Bitter VB Thirst Longneck EDT

Like a bottle of VB, but better. For over a century now, the stalwart beer brand has been a pillar for folks who love to wet their whistle. And to forge new dimensions, VB gives you the refulgent scent of Thirst. The perfume is a stimulating blend of bitter citrus, icy aromas and a sweet hoppy accent. Once applied, it’ll make your old man reek of respect. – AU$29.99

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Shit the bed

Bunsters ‘Shit The Bed’ Hot Sauce

Clocking a fiery score of 35,000 on the Scoville Scale, the ‘Shit The Bed’ hot sauce is the supreme mix of zest and smack encapsulated in a 225ml bottle, and we’re talking 10 x hotter than Tabasco sauce. Consisting of a smorgasbord of exotic peppers, salts and juices, the Bunsters hot sauce is set to spice up your father-son relationship. – AU$18

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Great northern

The Great Northern Brewing Co. Wheeled Cooler Can 19L

Sick of hauling a hefty cooler at the beach? Then the Wheeled Cooler Can’s got your back — literally. This staggering 19L cooler is for fathers and the fam to stash drinks and food supplies for their next outing. With its highly insulated frame, your booze will retain its coolness for up to 24 hours. It’s easy to manoeuvre, piquant in design & lightweight. – AU$139.99

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Dad jokes

Dad Jokes: The Terribly Good Dad jokes book

The proverbial belief that fathers can’t spit snarky slants is too true. And why not help your pop polish up his gag-game with a family-friendly dad jokes book this Father’s Day? No one wants to hear a tired knock-knock joke or witness a flopped attempt at making a monkey out of anything. – AU$12.09

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German Shepherd Oodie

Since many fathers take to strolling around their homestead partially-au natural, get your dad looking civilised with the Oodie. It’s an extra soft one-size-fits-most hooded blanket; veritably a pyjama. With its soft flannel fleece exterior and its sherpa fleece interior, daddio’s gonna feel extra special clad in this. It’s also fashioned from cruelty-free material and is machine washable. – AU$84

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Shower drink

Shower Drink Holder

Drink or shower? Why not do both?  Showers are more than a hotbed for folks who delve deep into their thoughts — they’re for drinking, too. Forged from antibacterial silicone — that guarantees to stick to glass, tiles, smooth & clean surfaces — the Shower Drink Holder is the ultimate bathroom accoutrement for slaking one’s thirst. – AU$34.95

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Daddy tee

Matching Father & Child Tees

Nothing screams that you’re a chip off the old block than copycatting your dad’s dapper. This set is a white Trooper & Lil Trooper shirt that’s fit for those seeking to showboat the bromance between them and their father. The striking printed stormtrooper on the fine-quality & fitted shirt makes this gift even more unique. – AU$42.82

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Fireball Love Box

This limited-edition red-hot love package boasts ten 50mL mini bottles of Cinnamon Whisky in a heart-shaped box. With a smacking cinnamon taste, Fireball is sweet and spicy. Perfect for your dad, and mum, whenever they want to get freaky (vomits*). Or get one for yourself and someone special. – US$44.99

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Versace bball

VERSACE Black & Gold Barocco Basketball

The black & gold Barocco Versace basketball is a cut above all of its kind — by dint of its pizzazz and namesake, of course. It’s a standard-size basketball embellished with the iconic pattern of Versace; gold and yellow. Don’t shy away from spending on a slightly swanky present this Father’s Day. – US$250

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Hang massager

Zen Living Therapeutic Hand Massager

While not the hallmark of every man’s possessions, the Zen Living Therapeutic is a masterpiece of a hand massager that can help take the stress out of your dad’s long day. Designed to alleviate hand tension, the massager boasts a myriad of intensity levels; it’s superb for tradie dads who works their finger to the bone. – AU$99.95

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Rubik’s Original 3×3 Cube

Want to drive your old man up the wall with a gift? The classic Rubik’s cube is a gadget that almost everyone has tried their hand at — and flunked. And if your dad persistently tries to broaden his horizons, the classic cube will suffice at infuriating and entertaining him. – AU$18.99

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Foot beer

Das Boot Beer Glass

The das boot practice (drinking booze out of a boot) is universal. It’s frequently emulated following an uber-eureka moment — but not anymore. Thanks to this boot, that holds up to 2L of booze, your next celebratory and special occasion can be better. The boots comprise thick, clear glass and are dishwasher-safe. – AU$47.91

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Lock kit

Lockpick Training Kit

Does your dad consider himself the jack of all traders? Stun him with the novelty lock picking training kit. Via its transparent casing, users will get a glimpse of the mechanisms of these intricate widgets. Bring out the inner-crook in your pop or let him hone his skill to avoid any pitfalls with locks in the future. – US$40

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Vintage beer

Desert Cans Schell’s Vintage Beer Can Candle

A candle in a beer can? Why not? Turns out, they’re pretty lit, too. The Californian company’s candles are hand-poured from natural soy wax in their studio and are made up of essential oils that ooze a natural atmosphere. – US$32 

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