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11 Best Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney | Man of Many
Of course, you’re going to have to start (or finish) your bucks night at a fine establishment with plenty of drinks and good food. As the saying goes “all work and no games make Jack a dull boy,” but a bunch of bucks party drinking games and no food makes Jack a hangry mess. If your mind is already travelling where ours is going, you’re thinking about good meats, good beers, and plenty of sides. We’ve rounded up plenty in our list of the best below, however, these two would have to be our pick of the bunch when it comes to formal dining on a bucks night.
1. Dinner Out
Starting off on the green can be the perfect way to ease yourself into a night of hedonism. As a bonus it will force you and the lads to dress up a little before your big night out, so feel free to take that look into the heart of Sydney. There are a variety of ways you can go about getting your golf on, we’ve put together lists of the best driving ranges, mini-golf courses, and golf courses in Sydney below to get your thoughts flowing.
2. Golf
Go-karting mightn’t be at the top of your mind when you think of the best bucks party ideas in Sydney, however, this high-octane event has been scaled down with electrification while maintaining (or increasing) the fun factor at the same time. What was once a dedicated (and expensive) sport that you had to travel 2-hours to find in Sydney can now be found just outside of the CBD, making it a great bucks party idea – just make sure it’s before the brewery on your itinerary. Feeling the kick from the engine and realising just how little power you need to fly a kart around a track at ridiculous speeds should be enough to kick-start the good times. If not, you can always rip into whoever comes last for being terrible all night. Let’s face it, go-karting is one of the best bucks party ideas in Sydney.
3. Go-Karting
If the only rush left is seeing crushing defeat in the eyes of your fellow man, then strike down with great vengeance and furious anger any who oppose you by doing a spot of paintballing for your bucks party. Who doesn’t crave dressing up in camo and slipping into the undergrowth before hitting the town on a night out?
4. Paintball
Another one that mightn’t jump straight into mind when you think of the best bucks party ideas in Sydney is VR Rooms. We’d have thought the same thing if it wasn’t for our experience at Zero Latency, and you can read our full review below. First things first, this isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a huge warehouse where you don a VR headset, get given a full rig including weapons and reactive body armour and then dive headfirst into a series of Zero Latency exclusive gaming experiences. It’s wild and will make you feel the deepest fear of heights you’ve ever felt with your feet rooted to the floor. You and your mates will also get the double joy of helping create history by engaging with the world’s first free-to-roam multiplayer virtual reality, all from Australian minds.
5. VR Rooms
If you have a nosey missus (cough, cough), one of the first things you’ll have to consider when planning your bucks party in Sydney is if you actually want to leave the big smoke for the bucks party and plan a quick trip away. If only just for a weekend there’s no shortage of options for the anti-city slicker lifestyle and we’ve rounded up a bunch of options below from glamping, to Farm Stays, and more. If you’re on a tight budget and you already have all the gear, pack up the swag and hit any of the stunning camping locations throughout this glorious state. Life is exactly what you make of it, and a little time back in nature with good company is more rewarding than most of us care to admit. Return to your scout days as a man, before leaving childishness behind.
6. Weekend Away
If you’re seeking more of a getaway and hoping to return to your caveman nature roots, or you’re a seasoned pro in the wild world outdoors, take this time as the perfect excuse for that fishing trip. There’s a good chance you’ve been talking about it for who knows how long and if you’re trying to plan the best bucks party then talk no more and just get it done. We’ve rounded up a list of the best fishing spots to hit in and around Sydney below, so grab the boys, grab your rods, grab some beers and hit the water. It’s simple, and in some cases that is all you need for the night to be absolutely perfect.
7. Fishing Trip
If you’re not too keen on moving around too much, then hit up our list of the best barefoot bowls in Sydney to take your bucks party to the next level of gentlemen’s games. If you’re feeling extra why not check out Barefoot Bowls and Babes while you’re at it for your chance to try and crack into the Australian bowls team while being delightfully distracted. They’ll organise one hell of a bar tab for you, sort you out with a lovely green, and bring a special friend to the party for your entertainment.
8. Barefoot Bowls
Throwing a chopping instrument as hard as you can at a wall is one of life’s greatest athletic achievements. We currently have two favourites when it comes to the axe throwing in Sydney for your bucks night. Kiss My Axe in Alexandria provides one of the most axe-ceptional experiences you’ll ever find, bringing you and your friends under their wing for a two-hour session of throwing and banter, coaching you from complete novice to seasoned pro in just a few throws.
9. Axe Throwing
Embarking on a harbour cruise with the boys is an outstanding way to have your cake and eat it too when looking at the best bucks party ideas in Sydney. The views are stunning and if the sun hits it right you’ll have an evening vista you’ll never forget. Our favourite chartering company is via Get Loose (linked below) and while you’re searching, speak to your chartering company first, but a solid list of them will welcome the inclusion of topless waitresses if that’s your idea of a good time.
10. Harbour Cruises
Want to have it all in one spot? Don’t want to organise too much? Then hitting up your local stripping establishment is the way to go. Of course, we’ve rounded up our favourite strip clubs in Sydney below to take the guesswork out of your bucks party ideas. The best thing about strip clubs is that they do exactly what they say on the tin. One of our favourites is Twin Peeks Lingerie Restaurant which brings to mind the idea of sneaky glances at some beautiful women while enjoying a delicious meal. It would be fine to organise dinner here for one right?
11. Hit the Strip Club
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