Beoplay H9i x RIMOWA Headphones Move to the Speed of Sound

German based luggage company RIMOWA is joining the ranks of companies to partner with Bang & Olufsen, a Danish consumer electronics company that creates high-end products. In this case, Bang & Olufsen is opening up their catalogue of audio, television, and telephone products to bring out a special RIMOWA edition of their Beoplay H9i headphones.

John, Mollanger, Executive Vice President, President Brand and Markets at Bang & Olufsen, explains, “The first materialization of our collaboration, the RIMOWA edition of our flagship Beoplay H9i headphones and exclusive RIMOWA carrying case, will make the world travel at the speed of sound.”

Beoplay headset

Crafted out of anodized aluminium and genuine leather, the headphones feature active noise cancellation. They also feature an innovative touch interface that allows you to answer your connected phone with gestures on the ear cups.

The headphones also have a proximity sensor that detects when you remove your headphones and pauses the music. The headphones come in a signature RIMOWA aluminium case.

Beoplay H9i x RIMOWA

Bang & Olufsen and RIMOWA partnered with Swedish composer and record producer Ludwig Goransso on the project. Goransso narrates and stars in a complementary short film for the headphones.

The headphones are available April 15 in both RIMOWA and Bang & Olufsen stores, including their online stores. The headphones can be yours for USD$900.

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