Human Inc Offers the First Truly Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

There’s a question that needs to be answered before you can read through this article—are the new headphones from Human Inc actually headphones or are they earbuds? Here’s the challenge behind that question. While the headphones actually look like headphones with the cups that go over your ears, they lack a headband to hold them on your head. In this regard they are more like earbuds, but, they still very much look like headphones and they don’t slip into your ear, so are they technically earbuds? Perhaps an even better question is, what does it matter?

human headphones fold

The fact is, the Human Headphones offer the best of both headphones and earbuds. The designers of the headphones claim that they have the convenience of earbuds with the performance of “over the ear” headphones. The headphones actually slip over your ears and use Bluetooth and an Airoha AB 1528 chipset, powered by two 280mAh lithium ion batteries, to communicate with each other, rather than connecting via the traditional headband. The headhpones carry a nine hour charge and can be used while they are charging (which is nice as it takes around two hours to get a full charge).

Human Headphones

The sound quality does in fact rival that of a traditional set of headphones. Inside the cups there are 30mm two-way dynamic drivers. The audio is processed by a Cirrus 7-core digital-signal-processor. That large of a two-way speaker system should be able to deliver a more full sound than what you would get from any earbuds, as well as a wide frequency response range that goes from deep bass to high treble. The headphones can be controlled via capacitive touch controls on the outside of the headphones that can be used to skip tracks, accept incoming calls, and adjust the volume.

man using human headphones talking

Another exciting feature of the Human Headphones is their capacity to offer translation of 11 different languages. The headphones pick up conversation with a network of omnidirectional digital microphones, which works on a one-to-one basis or for groups. The microphones are also used for making phone calls. In yet another feature, the earpieces have a speaker function that lets other listen to the music with you.

Earbud or headphone, the Human Headphones are the best of both worlds. Human is offering a special introductory offer of just $259 with free shipping.

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