Jabra Elite 85H Headphones Subtly Stand Out

In a field where the form never varies, you have to stand out in other ways. Jabra is doing exactly that with the Elite 85H. Headphones are headphones—the design isn’t really going to change. You have to have two cans and a way to keep those earphones on your head. So Jabra kept true to that form, but still found a way to make their headphones stand out.

Jabra elite light brown

The outside of the earphones is covered with a wind-resistant fabric rather than the ubiquitous hard plastic or metal finishes found on other headphones. The earphones themselves are also different—more oval than the typical circle—which makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods.

Jabra elite 85h

The Elite 85H uses Active Noice Cancellation to block out unwanted sound. Even with ANC activated, the battery still lasts an impressive 32 hours—in part thanks to the on-ear detection, which automatically powers the headphones down when they’re not being worn.

The AN functions by using external microphones to pick up sounds around you and then cancels them out.

Jabra top of the bag

The microphones inside the earphones do the same thing, only eliminating the sounds inside of the cups, such as the pads rubbing up against your skin. The headphones are an obvious choice for anyone who wants to listen to their music without interruption.

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