The Mayweather of Headphones – Beats Studio3 Wireless

Beats is launching its most advanced headphones yet which are destined to deliver an incredible wireless sound solution thanks to redesigned acoustics and Adaptive Noise Cancelling Technology.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones maintain the sleek design of the previous models including its premium ergonomic comfort but feature brand new internal DNA for industry-leading performance. Studio3’s high performance is all thanks to the integrated Apple W1 Bluetooth chip that’s designed for advanced sound reproduction and also maximising battery life for up to 22 hours. Class 1 Bluetooth provides optimal connectivity, so you get fewer drop-outs and extended range from your iOS or Android devices.

beats studio3 wireless headphones side view

Beats Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC), lets you hear more of what you want and less of what’s around you. Beats Pure ANC also evaluates the headphones fit and adjusts for leakage caused by hair, glasses, different ear shapes and movement of your head as you go about the day. Additionally, Pure ANC simultaneously checks what you’re hearing while noise cancelling is applied against the original music content to adjust and ensure optimal audio fidelity.

beats studio3 wireless headphones design view

The multi-function on-ear controls and a built-in microphone allow you to make hands-free calls, skip songs, control your volume and activate Siri without ever having to take off your headphones. As Beats is an Apple-owned brand, Apple users benefit from additional features like proximity pairing and accessing multiple devices logged into the same iCloud account to quickly switch from a movie on a MacBook, to an iPhone conversation and back again.

beats studio3 wireless headphones on the table

Beats Studio3 Wireless takes a more sophisticated approach to colours with a new range including Matte Black, White, Blue and Red as well as special edition colours Porcelain Rose and Shadow Grey.

beats studio3 wireless headphones differents colors

Beats Studio3 Wireless are available to order beginning today for RRP AU$449.95 and US $350. Beats Studio3 Wireless will be available mid-October. We had previously described Beats Wireless Headphones as the “holy grail of headphones.” The newest incarnation is better in every way, so maybe that makes these bad boys the ‘Mayweather of headphones.’

Check it out

beats studio3 wireless headphones top side

beats studio3 wireless headphones side style

beats studio3 wireless headphones usb port

beats studio3 wireless headphones switch

beats studio3 wireless headphones angle

beats studio3 wireless headphones in the bag

beats studio3 wireless headphones in open box

beats studio3 wireless headphones colors

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