Save Your Hearing With Meters OV-1 Headphones

Meters Music has designed and engineered music amplification for some of the largest bands in the world under their subsidiary Ashdown Engineering. Their VU meters can be seen glowing green on the stages of some of the biggest music acts.

Now, the company is bringing this technology to headphones. Unveiled under the company’s Meters Music brand, the new OV-1 Headphones feature an integrated VU meter on both ears of the headphone.

meters ov1 headphones style view

Similar to the meter on a professional mixing desk, the UV meter on the OV-1 Headphones is a line-level signal indicator. The meter bounces along as you listen to the music. It lets people around you visually see the music that you are enjoying. Not only that, but the meter is built to EU safety standards and indicates when the volume is too loud. When the needle is in the red zone, it means that you might be suffering hearing damage.

meters ov1 headphones side view

The OV-1 Headphones also feature a comfortable, over-ear design. A lightweight alloy frame ensures that the OV-1 Headphones are comfortable to wear for hours of use. These cans are made with animal-friendly protein leather. This is a much kinder alternative to real leather. Plus, the material is breathable whereas real leather is not. Genuine leather does not hold up well to long periods of use.

meters ov1 headphones folding view

The headphones also feature automatic noise cancelling, which eliminates sounds from even the liveliest room. Other features include a USB cable and audio input. The moulded jack allows you to plug and play quickly. The USB socket features an LED indicator so that you can tell when the headphones are fully charged.

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