Under Armour and JBL’s True Wireless Flash Headphones

Under Armour has been building out its place in the athletic apparel industry with great success. Now they’re looking to have the same impact in the audio industry with their new truly wireless flash headphones.

underarmour Wireless Headphones

The headphones are designed specifically with runners in mind. They’re secure and comfortable, and their waterproofing has an IPX7 rating, so they will keep out rain and sweat alike. They come in an aluminium charging case that has a 20-hour life.

Add that to the five hour life of the buds, and you’ll have plenty of listening time.

Wireless Headphones

And you’ll want to listen, too. The buds use JBL premium dynamic speaker drivers. The speakers also use Bionic Hearing—a feature that lets you listen to your music but still hear your surroundings. With Talk-Thru technology, the buds will drop your music down so you can talk between sets, and with the speech-optimized noise-cancelling mics, you’ll be able to hear what your training partner is saying.

Wireless Flash Headphones

You can also answer and talk on calls by simply pressing the UA symbol on the right ear once to answer and twice to hang up. The earbuds connect via Bluetooth. When you pick up a pair, you’ll also receive three sizes of ear tips, three winged ear tip enhancers, the charging case, and a charging cable.

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