Why Jaybird X3 Headphones are the Future of Your listening Experience

Apple has done away with the audio jack. It’s only a matter of time before the other leading smartphone brands follow suit. Why not get ahead of the pack, embrace wireless for your listening convenience and don’t give friends an opportunity to make fun of you for chasing for a hole that’s not having a bar. Jaybird has launched a new line of in-ear headphones to satisfy the workout buffs or anyone who moves around a lot. The X3 Wireless headphones are sweat proof and offer a universal secure sports-like fit with improved sound and customisable audio options.

jaybird x3 headphone for athletes

X3 brings larger sound, thanks to an enhanced 6mm driver, as well as smaller size, making it the first in the X-Series to be helmet compatible. The redesigned enhanced comfort ear fins provide a universal secure fit during the toughest of workouts. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, you can pair two sets of X3 headphones to one device and even pair your X3s to two devices simultaneously. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of that friend with the paid Spotify account.

jaybird x3 headphone customise your sound settings

An eight-hour battery means you can enjoy an entire workday of music and podcasts on a single charge, and the in-line remote makes it easier to control music and calls. Voice prompts let you know when you’re successfully paired and connected, or whether the X3 headphones are turned on or off. With the MySound App, you can now customise your sound settings to the way you want to hear your music. Custom sound profile are saved on the X3 headphones, so no matter what music device they’re paired with or which music service you use, then headphones will always be tailored to let you train harder and push farther.

The Jaybird X3 headphones are available today exclusively at JB Hi-Fi and Apple stores for the reasonable wireless cost of  $199.95. The buds are available in Blackout Black and Sparta White.

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