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Watch Chris Hemsworth Take Down a Helicopter in Explosive ‘Extraction 2’ Teaser

From being set ablaze to toppling helicopters, Chris Hemsworth‘s Tyler Rake seems to be doing it all. With the highly awaited release of Netflix’s Extraction 2 just around the corner, the Thor actor is amping up the anticipation and recently took to Twitter to share a never-before-seen brief clip of the upcoming feature. Spoiler alert: this sneak peek is as good as it gets!

In the latest footage, Rake and his team find themselves aboard a train, having successfully rescued Tinatin Dalakishvili’s Ketevan and her child from their pursuers. However, the danger persists as gunships swoop in on their tail, launching relentless attacks. Hemsworth’s Rake, displaying his expertise, gears up to confront this new threat, equipping his most formidable weapon (which happens to be an oversized machine gun) and effortlessly neutralizes the helicopter with precise gunfire.

Chris Hemsworth in 'Extraction 2' (2023) | Image: Netflix
Chris Hemsworth in ‘Extraction 2’ (2023) | Image: Netflix

“I got the go-ahead to release a never-before-seen clip to my fans on social media for Extraction 2,” Hemsworth wrote on Twitter. “Thanks Netflix. Now enjoy Tyler Rake kicking some ass and watch the full movie on June 16.”

The upcoming movie is shaping up to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride that defies the limits of action and stunts. Building upon its predecessor’s success, the sequel promises some mind-blowing stunts and heart-pounding action that’s made to blow our minds. A standout moment to look forward to is an exhilarating 21-minute oner, teased in the movie’s initial trailer, showcasing the directorial prowess of Sam Hargrave.

When coming up with the film’s storyline, director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo believed that exploring Rake’s journey following his near-death experience would be a “powerful way” to carry forward his narrative. Hargrave told Collider, “If we go backwards, now you’re rehashing the similar things of his past, right? It’s hard to get more emotionally fraught and higher stakes than your son dying of cancer, leukemia, right?”

Extraction 2 new clip
Chris Hemsworth in ‘Extraction 2’ (2023) | Image: Netflix

The upcoming instalment will see Rake confronting a formidable new adversary portrayed by Idris Elba, whose role remains undisclosed. Joining Hemsworth, Dalakishvili and Elba, Extraction 2 features a stellar cast including Golshifteh Farahani, Olga Kurylenko Adam Bessa, Andro Jafaridze, Daniel Bernhardt, Tornike Gogrichiani, Levan Saginashvili and George Lasha. Joe Russo shared some intriguing insights into the forthcoming film, shedding light on the ways in which the sequel will diverge from its predecessor.

“It’s very different from ‘Extraction 1’, which we like. It’s own movie in that regard,” Joe Russo explained. “It has a different colour schematic. It’s set in a different part of the world. It has a different pace, a different tone than the first one. And that, to us, is an interesting way to approach serializing a story is that it’s more surprising and unexpected, and you’re not going to get the exact same movie that you got the last time.”

So mark your calendars and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other when Extraction 2 drops on Netflix on June 16, 2023.