Audeze LCD-2 Headphones Closed-Back Are Finally Here

The Audeze LCD-2 Closed-Back Headphones have been a long time coming. Audeze headphones, especially their LCD-2 models, have been popular among those serious about their audio largely because of their planar magnetic functionality. As entry level cans, they quickly became one of the company’s best selling headphones. But it’s been a decade since we’ve seen anything new (not counting the LCD-2 Classic which was more of a variant of the original and consisted mainly of removing the handmade wooden accents so that the price could drop to $799). But the wait is over with the release of the Closed-Back.

audeze lcd 2 headphone full view

Design wise, there’s not too much difference between the LCD-2 and the Closed-Backs. The biggest difference is listed in the name itself—the Closed-Backs have a closed back. The headphones still use the same planar magnetic drivers that use a thin, vibrating diaphragm driven by magnetic fields to produce sound. The closed back allows you to more fully isolate the sound, which helps to keep it from irritating those around you.

With Audeze, you’ll be making an investment. The only other version of a closed back that they have is the LCD-XC, which sells for $1,799. At $899, you’ll be investing a fair chunk of change to get the LCD-2 Closed-Back, but it will be worth every cent.

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