Grado Labs Built Wireless Headphones for Audiophiles and Deep Listeners

Do you want sonic quality and clarity in your wireless headphones? If you’re looking for a sophisticated set of headphones that have been designed to create sonic bliss without the hassle of cords, then you want to get ears on some Grado Labs GW100 wireless headphones. For audiophiles and deep listeners alike, these babies can pump the volume clear without the wires. Grado Labs said they took their time in building a quality set of phones for its customers.

grado headphones black

Grado Labs used its signature Grado drivers in the GW100s. The speakers are the same used in the wired model, which are finely tuned to their specific enclosures, according to the company. The wireless pair are no different. The drivers are configured to pair with their enclosures too.

grado wireless headphones in hand

Grado Labs lays claim to the world’s first open-back Bluetooth pair of headphones. They say the headphones can minimize sound escape by up to 60 percent in the GW100 because they are so finely configured and developed for sound.

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